How to Re-Engage Students in Reading with an iPad

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This presentation identifies ways to use the iPad to re-engage your students in reading. We'll look at different apps and resources that are available to integrate note taking and annotating into your reading lessons, too.


<ul><li> 1. 1 Using a Tablet to Re-Engage Students in Reading Bringing students back to books, on the iPad </li></ul> <p> 2. 2 SESSION OVERVIEW Reading on the iPad Native: iBooks and the iBook store Adds: Kindle Reader &amp; Google Play (Books) Extensions: Curriculet and Subtext Note Taking: Native App and Evernote Workshop: Build an interactive text 3. 3 iBooks and the iBookstore Texts for the iPadsome are basic, others have immersive features. 4. 4 FICTION: Poes Tell Tale Heart Free version from the iBook store (from The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Volume 2) Highlight words and take notes 5. 5 PRIMARY SOURCES: Emancipation Proclamation Free version of the Emancipation Proclamation from the iBook store 6. 6 Emancipation Proclamation, iBook Focused Heres a text created for the iBook, including interactive galleries and other features. 7. 7 STEAM: Exploring Space And anotherlets look at the widgets in this one. 8. 8 Kindle on the iPad A free Kindle app gives you access to titles available though Amazons Kindle platform. Download the App, and purchases through Amazons Kindle section are loaded to your iPad. 9. 9 Google Play Books App on the iPad 10. 10 Curriculet Web-Based Annotation Layer Maker 11. 11 Subtext Free App with streamlined Google Drive interface 12. 12 Note-Taking: Evernote (and Skitch) Build a digital scrapbook on a topic. Heres one on the Tell-Tale Heart. Sync notes to your computer and iPad. Use Skitch to add drawings. 13. 13 WORKSHOP Build an iPad text in Curriculet or Subtext. Is the activity for the whole class? Is it for small-group enrichment? Will it use only text or other media? Do you need note-taking integration? Will it be a wrap-up activity or assessment? 14. Helping Teachers Leverage Technology For further help, email: Click here to view our Products! Preparing for Standardized Tests APPS for Language, Math, Reading, &amp; Science </p>