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  • 1. How to engage with your audience Sian Hughes Thurs 26 th May
  • 2. The Hook Start with impact
    • Be controversial
    • Create fear/anticipation
    • Be reassuring
    • Surprise the audience
    • Create participation
    • Quote a statistic
    • Tell a story
    • Ask a question
  • 3. The Promise (INTRO)
    • I nterest via the hook
    • N eed why do your audience need to listen to you?
    • T itle whats it about?
    • R ange outline key themes
    • O bjective By the end of this presentation, you will.
  • 4. End with a bang not a whimper!
    • Revisit the promise
    • Provide a direction for your audience.what should they do next?
    • A statement summing up your key message
    • A visual or verbal link back to the opening
    • Thank you for your attention, any questions?
  • 5. 4 things to remember about your audience
    • They want you to succeed
    • You have the knowledge the audience want
    • The audience dont know youre afraid
    • The audience can be treated as an individual
  • 6. Difficult Participants The Whisperer
    • Identify by:
    • Dont understand whats going on
    • Sharing anecdotes triggered by your presentation
    • Bored, mischievious or critical (rare)
    • Options:
    • Stop talking, wait and non verbally ask for permission to continue
    • Use your proximity
  • 7. Difficult Participants The Heckler
    • Identify by:
    • Aggressive
    • Argumentative
    • Insecure?
    • Options:
    • Never give a reaction
    • Find merit and agree on something, then move on
    • Wait for a mis-statement of fact and throw it out to the group for correction
  • 8. Difficult Participants The Talker/Know All
    • Identify by:
    • Eager beaver
    • A show off?
    • Well informed and keen to show it
    • Options:
    • Slow down with a tough question
    • Jump in and ask for the group to comment
    • Wait for a pause, thank and move on
  • 9. Any questions?