How to become a more effective learner

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<p> 1. HOW TO BECOME A MORE EFFECTIVE LEARNER Tips from Psychology to Improve Learning Effectiveness &amp; Efficiency (Adapted from Kendra Cherry, Guide) 1/14/2015 1 2. Basics to Improve Your Memory Improve your focus Avoid cram sessions Structure your study time Good feeding Enough Sleep 1/14/2015 2 3. Keep Learning and Practicing Gray matter in the brain! Learn! Practice! Rehearse! Memory should be organized but fluid not frozen! 1/14/2015 3 4. Learn in Multiple Ways Record and Listen Describe to friend(s) Ask friend to describe Taking notes Draw mind (concept) map 1/14/2015 4 5. Teach What youve Learned to Friends In a study group Idea of sharing Write a blog post Update facebook status Participate a group discussion 1/14/2015 5 6. Always Utilize Previously Learned Information to Promote New Learning Ideas from Chemistry 1 Ideas from chapter 0 Ideas from Previous chapters Ideas from previous sections Relational learning Always relate new information to things that you already know 1/14/2015 6 7. Gain Practical Experiences Practice in calculation Practice in doing exercise Practice in reading real life literatures (IRC, websites) Talk to other lecturers 1/14/2015 7 8. Look Up for Answers, Rather than Struggle to Remember Go to Glossary Go to Index of the text Go to Dictionary Go toWikipedia Go to the websites Trying to remember will only increase the likeliness that you will forget again in the future, because trying to remember just learn the error state not the correct response. 1/14/2015 8 9. Understand How You Learn Best Learning Habits and Learning Styles are unique to everybody. Develop learning strategies 1/14/2015 9 10. Use Testing to Boost Learning Every Assignments, Quizzes andTests can be used to feedback your learning Feedback for Final Exam. 1/14/2015 10 11. Stop Multitasking Multitasking makes learning less effective!! Focus your attention for a scheduled learning time Source of multitasking:TV, cell phone, game, chatting, other distractors Multitasking makes the organization of knowledge in the brain disorganized or loosen 1/14/2015 11 </p>


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