How Good Digital Citizenship Can Help Kids Make a Difference

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This presentation was given by Laura, blogger at 25 Days to Make a Difference, to area students interested in using blogs for similar purposes.

Text of How Good Digital Citizenship Can Help Kids Make a Difference

  • 1. Laura Stockman

2. What Do You Know About Blogging?

  • What Kinds Of Things Do You Do To Make A Difference For Others?

This is my friend Sarah. She makes a difference! 3. What Does it Mean to be a Good Citizen? 4. How Can You Use the Webto Make a Difference?

  • Websites
  • Free Rice
  • Go Green
  • Locks of Love
  • Click to Help
  • Blogs
  • Every Day Giving
  • 17 Chances to Help
  • Jenny Luca: Australian Teacher

5. Working Together 2 Make a Difference Online 6. Whats a Good Digital Citizen?

  • Actions, Responsibilities and Obligations
  • We all have a responsibility to keep the internet safe.
  • All of our actions have an effect on others (just like in the real world).
  • There are steps we can take to create good actions that have a ripple effect.
  • WE are responsible to make sure the web is full of good and useful resources to help us learn. The more good that we do online, the more it outweighs the bad.
  • Who you are in the real world is also who you are online.

7. How I Use the Internet to Make a Difference

  • I thought about how my grandpa, who passed away a few years ago, made a difference by doing small things all the time. I wanted to do the same.
  • On December 1, 2007 I started a blog contest. I thought only my family and cousins would read it.

8. The December 2007 25 Days Challenge

  • I decided to do a good deed every day and blog about it.
  • I challenged people who read my blog to do the same and to leave a comment or write their own blog about it.
  • I saved my allowance for the month of December and decided the person who made the most difference would win a donation to the charity of his or her choice on Christmas night.

9. By December 25 th ..

  • 150 people and 5 classrooms made a difference every day in small ways.
  • Other people matched my funds, and in the end, instead of donating $25 to charity, we all donated a total of $825 to different charities.

10. Since Christmas

  • I chose one small, local charity for each month of this year.
  • Every month, I raised a little money for these charities. I also blogged about them, interview the directors sometimes, and do service work.
  • I encouraged others to help too. Those who made the most difference won a donation to the charity of their choice each month.

11. Over the Last Eleven Months

  • Almost 45,000 people have visited my blog.
  • Hundreds of people have donated bottles, made donations, or led drives for my chosen charities.
  • 7 schools and 4 businesses have helped make a difference for the charities I picked.
  • With everyones help, Ive donated over $2000, 50 pair of pajamas, and over 2000 books to different charities in our area.

12. Web Manners

  • I have learned that when people write about me online, I can see that on my dashboard. So, I make sure to leave a comment and say thank you. This helps me form good relationships with safe people online.
  • When people comment on my blog, I try to email them back.
  • I have learned to link to othergood blogs on my site. This sends the bloggers I like new readers!

13. Internet Safety

  • I dont use many pictures of myself online. When I do, they are rarely full face pictures of me.
  • I never post personal information like my address online.
  • I never post pictures of my friends
  • I have a sitemeter that tells me who is visiting, where they are from, and what their IP address is.
  • My mom screens all of my comments before I can see them.


  • Researchways to help
  • Do small things to make a difference
  • Work together
  • Join Working Together 2 Make a Difference as a Class

15. Photo Credits

  • Make Every Page Count: Recycle
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