How do you effectively engage your students in part 2

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it helps for the future educators



2. HOW DO YOUEFFECTIVELYENGAGE YOURSTUDENTS INLEARNING? 3. The instructional strategies forengaging learners are categorizedinto three. 4. ThreeStrategiesActivatingStrategies CognitiveStrategiesSummarizingStrategies 5. ACTIVATING STRATEGIES Activates students prior knowledge throughthe use of engaging strategies designed tofocus learning. 6. 4.TALKING DRAWING 7. 5.POSSIBLE SENTENCES 8. 6.ANTICIPATION/REACTION GUIDE 9. 7.THE FIRST WORD 10. 8.WALK AROUND SURVEY 11. 9.THREE STEPS INTERVIEW 12. 10.IN THE HOT SEAT 13. COGNITIVE STRATEGIES 14. 2.DUMP AND CLUMP 15. 3.COLLABORATIVE LISTENING ANDVIEWING GUIDE (CLVG) 16. 4. 3 X 3 VOCABULARY 17. 5.FRAYER MODEL 18. 6.CONCEPT MAPPING 19. 7.VENN DIAGRAM 20. 8.SEMANTIC FEATURES ANALYSIS 21. 9.FOUR CORNERS 22. 10.POWER NOTES 23. SUMMARIZING STRATEGIES 24. 1.SHAPING UP REVIEW 25. 2.EXIT SLIPS 26. 3.FOUR-TWO-ONE 27. 4.FINAL COUNTDOWN This activity emphasizes the important rolethat reflection plays in the learning process.Final Countdown provides learners with aframework for reflection, evaluation, andintegration of new knowledge into previouslylearned materials. 28. 5.WORD SORTER 29. 6.CHALLENGE ENVELOPES This activity is designed to provide studentswith oppurtunities to formulate challengingquestions regarding a topic or concept and tobe challenged by the questions of others. 30. 7.VANITY PLATES 31. 28.FOUR BOX SYNECTICS 32. 29.LEARNING FRAMES 33. 30.ABC REVIEW 34. AS A FUTURE EDUCATORWHY IT IS IMPORTANT TOENGAGE OUR STUDENT INLEARNING? 35. THANK YOU !