How do you effectively engage your students in learning?

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  • 1. Tell me and I forget.Teach me and Iremember.Involve me and I learn.-Sir Benjamin Franklin

2. Student Engagement (meaning) Refers to a students willingness, need desireand compulsion to participate in, and besuccessful in, the learning process promotinghigher level thinking for enduringunderstanding. 3. Conditions That Fosters Learning Sharing a definition of student engagement; Having a clear articulation of learning criteriawith clear, immediate, and constructivefeedback; Showing students the skills they need to besuccessful are within their grasp by clearly andsystematically demonstrating these skills; and Demonstrating engagement in learning as avaluable aspect of their personalities. 4. Instructional Strategies for Engaging the LearnersActivatingStrategiesCognitiveStrategiesSummarizingStrategies 5. No significant learning canoccur without a significantrelationship.-James Comer


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