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DISTINCTThe Horror Genre

SettingThe setting is where the film takes place. A typical settings for a horror film would include:• isolated areas, this creates a more disturbing and scary setting• Horrors usually take place at night, however horrors can be set at anytime of the day • Places with a hidden past• Grave yardsThese types of places are used to create a scary atmosphere, which can be used to make the audience more scared while watching the film.

Technical Codes Lighting in a horror would be dim and low as they have to create a creepy and uneasy feeling to the film. Horror films commonly use different and odd camera angles, this could also help to create the creepy and disturbing atmosphere a horror film has to have. Horrors have a lot of close ups in, this is to show the fear and tension on a characters face through the film.

Iconography Props usually used in horrors are weapons such as axes, chainsaws, knives, guns, any weapon that will produce blood. Blood is usually a very important part to play in horror movies as it makes a person feel uneasy. Characters costumes are usually dark colours to match the setting. Main colours that are associated with horror films are reds, blacks, whites and greys. A lot of horrors have a blue filter on them, this adds to the creepiness of the darkness.

Narrative Structure The narrative structure of a film is the way in which the story is told and presented. Horror films usually have a mystery and often end on cliff hangers, this gives the audience a chance to have a slight belief that the story hasn’t ended or may never end, leaving them wondering about the film, this also gives the film a chance to have a sequel(s). Horrors never really finish the plot line for this reason. Some films that have an ongoing story line are:

Character TypesThe horror genre has many different types of characters in, depending on the horror and the plot depends on what type of characters the story would have in. stereotypically the evil character is played by a man, however there are some movies such as ‘Jennifer's body’ which defy this stereotype. Usually in horrors there are the normal types of characters such as the ‘hot’ blond, popular female and her boyfriend, the smart girl who usually survives, the unlikely hero, ‘the black guy’ and the ultra cool one guy always seems to have a plan.

ThemesThe theme of a film is almost what the movie is based around. A horror movies purpose is to scare its audience. Typical themes that a movie may be based around would be things such as monsters, zombies, ghosts, vampire, gore, serial killers and other things like that.