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Horror genre conventionss

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  1. 1. Horror GenreShannon Bradley
  2. 2. What is a horror movie?A horror movie has the main aim to frighten and scare theviewers. This is done through the mis en scene, editing andshot types. A horror also has many themes, one beingdeath. Horrors also intend to create an eerie and fear-provokingatmosphere. Horrors are so popular they have now desensitised theaudience which has lead to many copy-cat instances, e.g.the James Bulger case which was related to Childs Play 3.
  3. 3. Sub-genres Psychological horror use of supernatural features to provokefear and often has the mention of religion. (e.g. Paranormal Activity) Body horror sense of fear is created through the destruction ofthe human body. (e.g. The Human Centipede) Gothic horror mixes both themes of gothic and horror Slasher film includes a psychological killer who kills charactersusing weapons such as axes (e.g. Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
  4. 4. Camera/ Shot typesclose ups Point of view shots Low angles(The Shining)(The Shining) (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)(The Ring) (Psycho)
  5. 5. Mis en Scene Isolated areas Abandoned houses Dark/ low-key lighting Young/ teenage charactersThewomanin blackTexasChainsawmassacreScary Movie
  6. 6. Sound Disturbing sounds (e.g. screams) Nursery-like songs to create and eerie feel Tension building music (non-diegetic)http://www.filminute.com/films/2014/tuck-me-in/Tuck Me In (a short film on filminute.com) is a good example of howsound was used to create an uneasy atmosphere. A piano was used tomake the clip seem eerie and it also helped to engage the audience. Thesound also picked up when the Dad went to look under the bed whichadded suspense and tension.
  7. 7. Themes - Supernatural, Evil, Death, Religion, RevengeParanormal Activityfollows a family whosehouse it haunted by asupernatural being andthey set up a video inorder to catch it onrecording. Supernaturalis the theme of this film.The Exorcist is about agirl who is possessedby a demon and apriest tries to save her.This film includesthemes of religion.Friday the 13th is abouta group of friends whogo on a camping trip toa lake and members ofthe group are suddenlykilled. This film hasdeath as a theme.
  8. 8. Iconography Weapons, religious symbols, Masks, etc.
  9. 9. Examples:The woman in black is a horror filmand it has many conventions thatare typical of a horror. One being,the children in the beginning whichcreates an uneasy feel that adds tothe suspense. Eerie music is alsoused to contribute to this tensefeeling. Despite, many more horrorconventions this film was passed ata 12A which lead to controversy.Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12hLz_Ds2QwThis is a shot from Insidious, anotherhorror film that uses many clear horrorconventions. Dark/ Low-key lighting hasbeen used in this shot which makes theaudience feel in suspense as bad thingsalways happen in the dark. The darklighting also creates an intenseatmosphere which also contributes to theuneasy feel. This film was passed as a15.Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1973) is a horror film that usesthe convention of anabandoned house where thevictims are killed by a maskedman. This type of conventionmakes the characters seemmore vulnerable and alsomakes the house seem moreintimidating.