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    Reel Works and Urban Arts Partnership have collaborated over the past year to fine-tune how we teach media to young people. We continue our work to develop a badging system that represents a unique way to frame educational competencies that students can easily take with them into the real world.

  • HIVE NYC PROJECT LEARNING LABOur goals are: to create an open system for all organizations to use to extend this system to middle and high schools to obtain and increase buy-in from the film, media, and

    TV industry to use badges as indicators of work-readiness


    Digital badges are a visual symbol of a competency -- they signal to others what you know and can do.

  • WHAT IS MEDIA BADGING?We have developed and implemented a new badge system for our introductory filmmaking workshops that consists of 6 learning modules that span the filmmaking sequence -- from Idea Formation to Exhibition.

    KEY MODULES: Storytelling Camera Editing Sound Production Leadership


    Youth Badging Video




    1. NYC Media Badges Overview2. Curriculum Map3. Storytelling exemplar

  • BADGE Idea Formation Pre-production Production Post-production ExhibitionSTORYTELLING Achievement #1

    Develops storyAchievement #2

    Constructs and delivers pitch

    Achievement #3Drafts, revises, submits production-ready script

    CAMERA Achievement #1Maintain the camera and accessories (e.g., lav mic, tripod, etc.)

    Achievement #2(a) Demonstrate

    knowledge of the camera features; (b) Operates


    Achievement #3(a) Demonstrate knowledge of the different kinds of shot types and camera angles; (b)

    Demonstrate coverage and footage quality

    EDITING Achievement #1(a) Demonstrate knowledge of the editing softwares

    application; (b) Demonstrate graphical interface literacy

    Achievement #2Manage media effectively

    Achievement #3Uses advanced editing techniques that demonstrate

    intention, clarity, focus, restraint and artistry to construct a cohesive piece with a clear visual motif

    SOUND Achievement #1(a) Articulate or enhance an idea through sound; (b)

    Partner images with sound

    Achievement #3(a) Manage equipment; (b)

    Effective microphone placement; (c) Record sound effectively; (d) Manage levels appropriately in

    the field

    Achievement #4(a) Manage levels appropriately

    in post-production; (b) Operate software

    PRODUCTION Achievement #1(a) Conceives movie; (b) Plans movies

    Achievement #2(a) Assembles resources; (b)

    Utilizes resources; (c) Executes production plan

    Achievement #3(a) Can problem-solve on the fly; (b) Completes


    LEADERSHIPAchievement #1

    Participates in community events, groups, and screeningsAchievement #4

    Presents; Interacts with community members, audience, and general public in an open and professional manner

    Achievement #3Encourages and supports colleagues to complete projects

    Achievement #2Is accountable to personal and group values/tasks/goals

  • MODULE/ BADGE DESCRIPTIONThis person can...


    STORYTELLING Develop an original story idea, present that idea in a coherent and compelling manner, draft and revise a script, translate that script into a digital format, and screen their finished piece

    Storytelling Achievement Overview Develop storyConstruct and deliver pitchDraft and revise script

    STORYTELLING ACHIEVEMENT ONE-SHEETStorytelling Achievement #1 - StorybuilderStorytelling Achievement #2 - Pitch ArtistStorytelling Achievement #3 - Scriptmaster

    CAMERA Can effectively maintain and operate camera equipment to tell a visual story that demonstrates compositional understanding, coverage, and footage quality

    Camera Achievement OverviewMaintain camera and accessoriesDemonstrate compositional understandingDemonstrate coverage & footage quality

    CAMERA ACHIEVEMENT ONE-SHEETCamera Achievement # 1 - Camera MaintenanceCamera Achievement #2 - Smooth OperatorCamera Achievement #3 - Visual Composer

    EDITING Can skillfully complete the entire video editing process: demonstrating clear understanding of technical interface requirements, manage acquired media, and develop and execute clear editing workflow.

    Editing Achievement OverviewDemonstrate graphical interface literacy Follow workflow consistently; Manage media effectivelyDemonstrate advanced editing techniques artistically and with intention

    EDITING ACHIEVEMENT ONE-SHEETEditing Achievement # 1 - TechnicianEditing Achievement # 2 - Media ManagerEditing Achievement # 3 - Media Craftsman

    SOUND Can effectively partner, record and edit sound to clarify and enhance their digital story, convey ideas and evoke emotion.

    Sound Achievement OverviewDemonstrate aural awarenessRecord and manage sound effectively in fieldUse sound to enhance story, convey idea and/or emotion; Edit audio effectively to create cohesion and balance in finished film

    SOUND ACHIEVEMENT ONE-SHEETSound Achievement # 1 - Sound ScoutSound Achievement # 2 - Sound WranglerSound Achievement # 3 - Sound Designer

    PRODUCTION Can develop, pitch, and implement a clear production plan and act as an effective project manager maintaining a critical vision and timeline of the project, while communicating and collaborating effectively with peers, crew and subjects

    Production Achievement OverviewCreate production planExecutes planScreen on time

    PRODUCTION ACHIEVEMENT ONE-SHEETProduction Achievement # 1 - Critical ThinkerProduction Achievement # 2 - Project ManagerProduction Achievement # 3 - Producer

    LEADERSHIP Can demonstrate an openness to new ideas and willingness to collaborate with others, go beyond what is required and take risks, take responsibility for self and others, manage long-term projects, maintain focus, and conduct oneself in a rofessional manner.

    Leadership Achievement OverviewShare ideas and make connections; Be accountable to personal, group, and community goals and valuesEncourage/support colleagues to complete projects Present publicly

    LEADERSHIP ACHIEVEMENT ONE-SHEETLeadership Achievement # 1 - Community OrganizerLeadership Achievement # 2 - TaskmasterLeadership Achievement # 3 - CheerleaderLeadership Achievement # 4 - Community Presenter