Hilltop School Back to School Night 2013

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Hilltop School Back to School Night, October 3, 2013

Text of Hilltop School Back to School Night 2013

  • 1. Welcome to Hilltop School. A great place to learn and grow.

2. Welcome Back This fall, we welcomed 12 new students to Hilltop Pre - Kindergarten 10 Kindergarten 52 1st Grade 54 2nd Grade 53 3rd Grade 82 4th Grade 53 TOTAL ENROLLMENT 304 3. Hilltop Online www.mendhamboro.org/hilltop Mr. Hellers Blog District Monthly Bulletins (3rd Tuesday of the month) Your current e-mail is essential E-Alerts tells you when an update is made to a school web page 4. Responsive Classroom Features Promotes a sense of belonging, significance and fun. Logical consequences for students actions. Focuses on positive teacher language. Social Skills - CARES 5. Responsive Classroom Belonging, Significance and Fun Morning Meeting Morning message Greeting Share Activity Hopes and Dreams 6. Responsive Classroom Logical Consequences Rule creation with students School-wide rules for line up and cafeteria Consequences include you break it, you fix it this include property and feelings Take a break from an activity Loss of a privilege Speak to an adult 7. Responsive Classroom Positive Teacher Language Reminding Language The child processes what they should be doing not reminded what to do Redirecting Language Is direct, names the desired behavior, is brief and is a statement, not a question Reinforcing language Offers informational feedback that expresses genuine appreciation and respect for childrens efforts. 8. Who raises your child up? Peers Parents Siblings Teachers Principal Classmates Friends Parents Mendham Community 9. www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VfSbMh9qpU (the link is on my blog) 10. Hilltop Schools Best Kindergarten 11. Hilltop Schools Best 1st Grade 12. Hilltop Schools Best 2nd Grade 13. Hilltop Schools Best 3rd Grade 14. Hilltop Schools Best 4th Grade 15. Hilltop Schools Best Resource Room and Speech 16. Hilltop Schools Best Related Arts & our nurse 17. Welcome from the HSA Upcoming Events Harvest Hustle Saturday, 10/5 Spirit Wear Now through October 11 Charleston Wrap Now through October 18 Chili Cook-off 11/2 HSA General Meeting -11/13 Guest Speaker Faye de Muyshondt Social Skills for success Anne Parker & Marie Simonsen, Co-Presidents 18. Hilltop School Safety All doors are locked Entrance into buildings Monthly Drills We need your help Ongoing assessment and safety upgrades Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying 19. Character Education The Six Pillars Respect Trustworthiness Caring Responsibility Fairness Citizenship 20. Our school-wide book 21. Upcoming School/Community Events 8th Grade Fair Saturday 10/5 Walk to School Day 10/9 Kids Care Coat Drive 10/9-10/18 After School Enrichment begins Next week sign up today 22. Thank you for coming