High School Photogram Photography Lesson

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  • Photograms

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  • Henry Fox Talbot

    Some of the first photographic images made were photograms

    William Henry Fox Talbot called photograms Photogenic drawings

  • What is a photogram?

    Is a photographic images made without a camera.

    The images is made by placing the objects directly onto the surface of the light-sensitive material such as photographic paper then exposing it to light.

  • Henry Fox Talbot

    He made them by placing leaves and pieces of material onto sensitized paper, and then left them outdoor on sunny days to expose.

    THE RESULT? Dark background with a white silhouette of the object.

  • The photogram Rebirth

    Man Ray a 20th century artist/photographer used Photograms, later coining the phrase and process as Rayographs

  • Man Ray

    Real name: Emmanual Rudinitsky Man Ray: born in Philly 1870 Adult life: New york, Paris, & Hollywood Reputation flourished in Paris He became a big part of the Dada and

    Surrealist movements in art.

  • Man RaysRayographs

    His style capitalized on the stark and unexpected effects of negative imaging,

    unusual juxtapositions of identifiable objects

    variations in the exposure time given to different objects within a single image, and moving objects as the sensitive materials were being exposed.

  • Rayographs

  • Other photographic works by MAN RAY

    Glass Tears by Man Ray ca 1930-33

  • Hair photo by Man Ray

  • Le Violon dIngres 1924 by Man Ray

  • Man Rays continued He considered Paris his home, and his artistic reputation

    flourished there. World War II forced Man Ray to flee Paris. He had to leave behind his masterpieces of paintings and

    photography; in essence, his entire artistic career. When his boat was safely in the Port of Newark, he was

    overcome with a feeling of intense depression. He knew he had to start over.

    HIS RAYOGRAPHS were not fully appreciated in his lifetime, but are now considered great works.