High Performance Computing (HPC) Code Modernization Workshop

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  • High Performance Computing (HPC) CodeModernization (Parallelization) Workshop for

    Multi-core & Many-coreby collaboration of

    &Date & Venue

    2nd November, 2015 in Lecture Hall 421, IIT Delhi,Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016

  • Report prepared by :-Satish Kumar Rana (ECE, 7th Semester)

    The 45 students of 7th Semester & 5th Semester of CSE, ECE & EEE had attended the workshopbased on High Performance Computing Code Modernization at IIT Delhi organised by INTEL &CDAC , Pune. The students reached the venue at 9:30 AM and assembled at the seminal hall. Theco-ordinator faculties were as follows :

    1. Mr. Om Goswami, ECE2. Mr. Aashwant,EEE3. Mrs. Shilpa Bahl,CSE

    The workshop was scheduled for the whole day, so the workshop was divided in various sectionsregarding the following objectives :

    Introduction to HPC

    Need for HPC

    Application areas of HPC

    How to improve computing performance

    Concept of Parallelization

    Concept of Clusters

    Cluster aware Operating Systems

    Software & Drivers for cluster aware OS

    Programming of these software.

  • These sections were covered by the presenters one by one. During the interactive session fewstudents who replied to their queries got pen drive of 4GB from INTEL. The workshop was veryfruitful to the students who were interested in working for improvement of computing performanceof a system.


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