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In writing the lyric essaycontainers

Hybrids & appropriationThe metaphor of the hermit crab essay is that of an empty shell that, once occupied by another, becomes something new.As weve seen already, the lyric essay to a degree already borrows from other genre forms (poetry/fiction) to create a new form itself.In the subgenre of the hermit crab essay, the writer appropriates the form to varying degrees: perhaps just using the shell; perhaps borrowing the particular vernacular of the form itself; maybe within the essay itself.

contentsAs with oulipo, using an existing form provides a constraint that can (should) lead to re-seeing the material itself.Perhaps unlike oulipo, there should be a relationship between the form and the content; the structure itself should enhance/change/inform the thematic and metaphoric significance of the piece itself.For example, for those of you who read Lorrie Moores How to Become a Writer, which uses the how to/self help model to discuss its topic, the form itself also provides irony

How to become a writerFirst, try to be something, anything, else. A movie star/astronaut. A movie star/ missionary. A movie star/kindergarten teacher. President of the World. Fail miserably. It is best if you fail at an early age - say, 14. Early, critical disillusionment is necessary so that at 15 you can write long haiku sequences about thwarted desire. It is a pond, a cherry blossom, a wind brushing against sparrow wing leaving for mountain. Count the syllables. Show it to your mom. She is tough and practical. She has a son in Vietnam and a husband who may be having an affair. She believes in wearing brown because it hides spots. She'll look briefly at your writing then back up at you with a face blank as a doughnut. She'll say: ''How about emptying the dishwasher?'' Look away. Shove the forks in the fork drawer. Accidentally break one of the freebie gas station glasses. This is the required pain and suffering. This is only for starters.

Whats the relationship between the how to form and the idea of what shes saying.4

External and internalQuestions for the hermit crab essay:

Why this form? How does it work with the content?

What are the external and internal elements of the content itself and how do they work together?

Language: again, lyric can express itself in a variety of ways, but should hopefully still make use of some of the elements of creative nonfiction (and fiction and poetry): sensory elements, description, alliteration, rhythm, character, scene?

Read Life Story together5

Life story, david shields (1996)What is the shell or received document(s) used for this piece?What is the nature of these fragments?How would you describe the accumulation of these aphorisms, structurally?In what way is this piece personal? In what was is it universal?Looking at either language or content, where do you find internal moments? Where are the external ones?

Watch Colbert; what do we think about the idea of art as theft? Have them read it out loud;6

John mcphee, search for marvin gardens (1975)John Mcphee, considered a pioneer in nonfiction writing; some refer to his work as new journalism, although he disputes this term.Bulk of his work has appeared in The New Yorker (he began as a reporter for Time Magazine; has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since the 1960s). At one point, the New Yorker noted that of McPhees more than 80 magazine articles, all were on different topics.Author of more than 30 books; Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award nominee etc.

What form does mcphee use?

And? McPhee generally uses the rules of the game and the movement around the board, but what other observations can you offer about the structure of the essay?How does the content of McPhees essay work with his use of Monopoly as the frame? What is the piece about?What are the internal and external elements?What other techniques are in play in this piece?

Disjunctive, goes back and forth between a real or imagined walk through Atlantic City and a real or imagined game?9

Joan didion, the white album, 1979The White Album (the other name for The Beatles ninth album, also known as The Beatles)Begins with We tell ourselves stories to live. Ends with: writing has not yet helped me to see what it means.What happens in between?What do we learn about this essays form from these opening thoughts:We live entirely, especially if we are writers, by the imposition of a narrative line upon disparate images, by the ideas with which we have learned to freeze the shifting phantasmagoria which is our actual experience.

White album 196810

Is this a hermit crab essay?A. Yes because

B. No because

C. Kind of because

Take a minute and pick an answer and write a sentence or two

Most clearly, vignettes or the collage method, which is sort of a hermit crab type because collage is a visual art form, assembling disparate imges into an integratd whole that expresses a theme.11

The collage essayAppropriates a visual form: the collage, which assembles disparate images (in this case, perhaps, vignettes) into a whole that is integrated by theme.Assignment: take the section assigned to you, and consider what story it tells.Does the section itself appropriate other materials, found items, false documents?If you had to say in one word or one sentence your sections theme or meaning, what would it be?Remember: look up anything you dont understand.

20 minutes for this, then present. Write on board the one theme or meaning.12

Interrogating the essayHow does The White Album address some of the key narrative questions regarding not just the hermit crab format, but lyric essay in general?

How does the form relate to the content?

What is this essay about?

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