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Heme Religion By Holly, Erin, Melissa, Emma

Heme Religion

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Text of Heme Religion

  • 1. By Holly, Erin, Melissa, Emma
  • 2. Origin Heme originated in China, and is a very recent religion. It developed in the year of the dragon, which was only 1916. The founder of Heme was Han Hao mu.
  • 3. Sacred Text Hemers only believe in one sacred text, which they call (dragon.) The three main rules from the sacred text are: -protect the earth and its nature -dont kill -respect and be kind to others
  • 4. Stories-The Dragons Den A long time ago there was a man named Han Hao mu. He was walking through the Himalayas when a snow storm began suddenly, but Han wasnt worried because he knew the mountains inside out. He found the cave he always rested in, when he noticed something different. The caves space seemed to be smaller. Then, out of the corner of his eye he noticed fire, a fire breathing dragon. Han didnt care about the harsh weather anymore, and when he was ready to run the dragon yelled wait, so Han stopped not knowing what else to do. I can help you, the dragon replied again. The weather is far to bitter out there for a man like you to be running down the mountains. Shocked, Han somehow managed to reply how can you help me dragon? There was a slight pause before the dragon answered, get on my back. Scared the dragon might kill him Han did just that. The dragon flew out of the cave and landed in Lhasa China. Han landed without getting even a single speck of snow on his body. Han was shocked with the dragons helpfulness and offered his thanks to him. The moral of this story is dont judge people by whats on the outside, but whats on the inside.
  • 5. Place & Method of Worship Hemers believe everything should revolve around nature. They worship outside only once a day in either an outdoor temple or nature shrines. Its important for them to pray and meditate in silence, for they think the gods can hear them better.
  • 6. Rites of Passage There are three common passages. The first is birth. The Hemers gather, and hold a celebration, to welcome the new born baby into the world. The second is marriage. The third is death. They dont mourn over the person who died because they believe that they will meet again in the afterlife.
  • 7. Place of Pilgrimage They dont have a specific place, but they believe that they should do lots of things outside and explore the world.
  • 8. Holidays Hemers take part in many different Chinese festivals. The most important traditional holiday of the year is Chinese new year, which takes place on January 26th of 2009. They dont believe in Christmas since they think gifts should only be given in the time of need and when necessary.
  • 9. Leader & Prophet The Hemers have many different gods and goddesses in animal forms, that are based around nature. They dont have to believe in any specific god.
  • 10. 0 Inb o x 12386088 Symbols The Heme symbols are the signs of the Chinese zodiac.
  • 11. Map
  • 12. Basic Teachings and Beliefs To the Hemers, nature is a sacred thing and is very important. They must be kind to everyone and everything. They dont have a specific god or goddess, they are allowed to choose which god they would like to worship. They also believe that when a god needs to contact them they will come in animal form. Their sacred animals are: monkeys, snakes, tigers, and dragons. If Hemers do not treat the animals well they will be punished in the afterlife. They believe you should not be too attached to anything because you should except and welcome change. Traveling and exploring the world is encouraged because it opens their minds to new things. They are open to learning about other cultures and religions and do not discriminate against any of them. They believe everyone should be treated equally no matter what they look like or what they believe in and they believe it is better to give than take.