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Halloween Opening Scene 9 Frame Analysis

Halloween 9 frame anaylsis

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Halloween Opening Scene

9 Frame Analysis

Page 2: Halloween 9 frame anaylsis

Frame 1

The movie opens with a dark background and a image of the institution. The institution is orange to stand out to the audience.

The dark black background is a message to the audience that the film will contain dark elements that will frighten and scare the audience. It is a warning to the audience of things to come.

The use of the orange fits in with the title of the film as orange is associated with the Halloween tradition. Bright colour attracts the audience.

Page 3: Halloween 9 frame anaylsis

Frame 2

The use of the pumpkin is effective as it links the title to the audience while also scares the audience as it is in a pure black background.

The director’s name appears on the screen to show the audience who this is by but may also make them tense as some of the audience will have known some of the director’s past films.

The soundtrack during the opening is very eerie and tense which sets the audience up while also creating the sense of fear and isolation.

The theme and soundtrack was created by the director himself and his horror backgrounds show as it creates an edge of your seat moment.

Page 4: Halloween 9 frame anaylsis

Frame 3

The use of the close up on the pumpkin is highly effective as it puts the fear in the audience and creates such tension among them.

The pumpkin being lit creates fear and a sense of place as the audience instantly know what time the movie will be set.

By this time the music has

gotten louder by adding sudden loud noises to go with the constant tapping type of music. It is instantly recognisable and very spooky.

The camera is slowly zooming into the pumpkin and by the end of the shot it is at the pumpkin’s eye. This is very effective as it sets the viewer up for the next scene.

Page 5: Halloween 9 frame anaylsis

Frame 4

The scene starts off with the voiceover of children saying trick or treat, possibly an indication to the audience that this is a trick or treater going up to the house, by doing this it adds confusion.

The house is lit up to show the audience that the house is the innocence of the shot and the darkness is shrouding the house, audience worry for whoever is in the house.

The shot looks to be taken from a first person perspective as the camera then moves to simulate someone walking up to the house creating fear in the audience.

The soundtrack has completely gone once the voiceover is heard and it is deadly quiet, this is a good technique in creating so much tension and fear within the audience.

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Frame 5

The shot is like the previous shot in that it is taken from a first person perspective as this person is watching these two characters through the window.

Because these character’s are being watched, audience fear for them as they do not know who this person is watching them and they don’t know what they are going to do, iconic in the way in which this opening creates fear.

Two more characters introduced, possibly implying to the audience that one or both of them may be victims.

The cosy warm feeling in the house tells the audience that these people are not the bad guys which makes the audience why someone is watching them.

Page 7: Halloween 9 frame anaylsis

Frame 6

Shot of character picking up knife, audience now scared as they now know the true intentions of this character and fear for the two characters in the previous shot.

The first person perspective is maintained which is highly effective as the audience want to stop this character but can’t.

The knife signals danger for the audience and creates such tension and fear among them and this has become a classic moment.

The use of the first person perspective creates the unknown for the audience as they don’t know who this is.

Page 8: Halloween 9 frame anaylsis

Frame 7

Shot again using first person perspective, creating tension and confusion as now this person is committing murder.

The use of seeing this poor women dying creates a terrifying moment in the film that the audience wont forget.

The mask is now put on to show the audience that this character intends to conceal there identity which frustrates the audience as they are desperate to know who this person is.

The audience are made to witness the death of this women which makes them terrified while also desperate for the scene to end.

Page 9: Halloween 9 frame anaylsis

Frame 8

The character’s mask is taken off to uncover the true identity of this character which creates anticipation within the audience.

The character is revealed to be a young boy which completely shocks the audience as in the typical horror films children can be the victims.

Two more characters are revealed who both know this character, the audience wonder how they know this boy.

The boy holding the bloody knife is a iconic moment in the film as the audience are so shocked that it is a young boy that the moment wont be forgotten

Page 10: Halloween 9 frame anaylsis

Frame 9

The camera pans out to show the house and the characters standing showing that they are as shocked as the audience is.

The house now seems less friendly to the

audience as they know that a murder has happened and are shocked and scared by it.

The use of a long shot shows the police showing up relieving the audience as they know he is going to get imprisoned for the murder.

The use of the character being a young boy creates mystery for the audience as they wonder if he will be back in the story later on.