Hallam nursing students talk about their learning outside class

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  1. 1. Nursing at SHU... Suggestions from other students...
  2. 2. Some ideas from our students
    • We asked our nursing students for their ideas about what helped their learning outside theclassroom. We thought that they were the real experts in what helped and what hindered their learning. We were right.
    • Here's what they said
  3. 4.
    • "As well as just studying and working it's good to feel a part of a social group, you feel like you belong a bit more. Also you can help each other out with books from the Learning Centre."
    • First year student.
  4. 6.
    • "If your accommodation is noisy and you're not able to study, or you're worried about any aspect of it, especially your safety, the University can help."
    • First year student.
  5. 8.
    • "You have to be an organized person, in fact organisation is everything. You need to put time aside just to look at BlackBoard."
    • First year student.
  6. 10.
    • "Your friends in your group are your support network. You need to make friends with the people you're on the course with, you do the work together- there are times when they'll carry you through."
    • Third year student.
  7. 12.
    • "Enjoy the Course. Talk. Communicate. Cry if you need to! Whatever you need to do to get through the course, do it."
    • First year student.
  8. 14.
    • Thank you to the students who helped us with this Project.
    • If you want to know any more about nursing at Sheffield Hallam University please point your browser here:
    • http://prospectus.shu.ac.uk/CourseEntry.cfm?CourseId=651
    • [email_address]


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