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<ul><li> 1. Call Today<br />(203) 987-5627<br />Visit Our Website<br /><br /></li></ul> <p> 2. World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championship to be Held in US for First Time<br /> 3. The 2012 World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships, along with the World Age-Group Competition, will be held April 16-18 and April 20-22 respectively at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex's HP Field House at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Fla. <br /> 4. More than 600 gymnasts total are expected to participate.This will be the first time this event has been held outside of Europe. <br /> 5. The event was recently announced and described in a joint press release from USA Gymnastics and the International Gymnastics Federation. <br /> 6. This event will combine the beauty of dance with the strength and agility of acrobatics. Routines are choreographed to music and consist of dance, tumbling, and partner skills.<br /> 7. Pyramids and partner holds characterize the balance routine, while synchronized tumbling and intricate flight elements define the dynamic exercise. <br /> 8. Tentative schedules for the events have been announced.Currently, the World Championships qualification rounds will be held on April 16-17 with finals on April 18. <br /> 9. The World Age Group Competition qualification rounds will take place on April 20-21 with finals on April 22. The World Age Group Competition has two age categories, 11-16 and 12-19. <br /> 10. Call Today<br />(203) 987-5627<br />Visit Our Website<br /><br /></p>


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