Google Apps in the Classroom

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1. @zeitz 2. Institutional Individual 3. 4. 5. 6. Google Docs Google Forms Gmail Google Calendar Blogger InterestingApps 7. 8. Plan/Develop/Organize Instruction Present Subject Material Provide Resources for Students Collaborate with Colleagues Manage Student Conduct Communicate with Students/Colleagues/Admin Correct Assignments/Tests Collect & Manage Data 9. Attend to Instruction Learn the Content Collaborate with Colleagues Complete Homework/Tests Prepare for Class Discuss/Take Notes in Class/Online ManageTime Between Classes Communicate with Colleagues/Teachers 10. Collaborating (Google Docs) Writing/Sharing Resources (Blogger) Scheduling (Calendar) Collecting andAnalyzing Data (Google Forms) Communicating (Gmail) 11. Collaborative Notetaking 12. Group Work in Class chart 13. Meeting Agendas Developing Curriculum 14. Semester Schedules Annual Assessment 15. Blogs by Students Writers Journal Sharing student-generated research Exploring visual media (Vlog) Reflecting on newly-learned content Provide a showcase for creations Build a blogosphere where students react to students. 16. Blogs byTeachers Sharing cool and relevant resources. Provide a forum for the instructor. Create a public place where students can be published. Share research on topics of interest Model writing for students 17. 18. Identify: Your audience What data you need Your application for the data Necessary format for the data Final report form 19. Open Google Drive Create NEW form Enter title Enter questions Select template Create a response sheet Go to live form Enter answers Review response sheet 20. 21. ScheduleYour Appts ShareYour Appts Share Others Calendars Students Sign-Up for Appts 22. The computer isntTHETHING, it is the thing that gets you toTHETHING Joe tells Gordon: 23. If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow. John Dewey


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