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Godiva case study

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Group Members:BUSHRA UMER


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Q1# Identify the B2B and B2C transactions in this case ??

The business to business B2B transactions are those transactions which involve Govida.com selling chocolates to cooperate entities

The business-to-consumer B2C transactions are those in which

Godiva.com is selling their chocolates to consumers.

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Why did Godiva decide to sell online?

Godiva.com was looking for an alternate sales channel for selling their products to increase sales and increase profitability.

And also an alternate marketing channel to create more awareness about their products

– and the internet boom had just began.

So they decided to create an E-commerce website, their target was to sell online to

both businesses and directly to customers and stay ahead of competitors by using

modern technology.

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Q3# Visit Godiva.com. How user-friendly is this

site?The site is very user friendly. It has

seasonal offers on the front page which are attractive.

Secondly it has a good navigation interface, with tabs that have dropdown options showing products with prices, helping the customers choose easily.

The site also has a “search” box to look for whatever you need directly.

And also has additional options such as locating a store nearby or reading

information about chocolates

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Q4# Identify the EC drivers that motivated Godiva to

start online business?• There was a specific segment of internet

users who were chocolate lovers to whom Godiva hoped to sell online. And using their

word of mouth hoped to make Godiva Chocolates more popular.

• Godiva wanted to stay one step ahead of the competition by being innovative and

using modern technology.

• To increase sales by using an alternate sales channel and increase profitability.

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Q4# Identify the EC drivers that motivated Godiva to

start online business?• Godiva Chocolatier wanted to offer

customers a whole new user-friendly experience of shopping and ordering

chocolates online, not just shop physically at a store.

• Godiva realized that an E-Commerce website was also a way of adding to the popularity of their brand, as internet boom had just started

and selling online meant people would be talking about their chocolates. This helped as

a marketing strategy.

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Q5# What factors considered during implementation of Godiva’s e-business

solution turn out to be the critical success factors and what were found to

be a failure. What are the reasons according to you?

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• The Company used EC at correct timing, years ahead of competitors –

this was the biggest factor that contributed to success of Godiva.com

• Teaming up with Fry Multimedia (an e-commerce pioneer) that helped Godiva

Chocolatier create Godiva.com was also a good move.

• Improving the website constantly and staying committed to online selling

despite facing temporary setbacks and failures.

Page 9: Godiva case study


• Partnership with Chocolatier Magazine and adding recipes and articles to the website made the site more attractive

and appealing.

• Making the site user friendly and adding multiple options such as e-

catalogue, personal space and incentive programs for corporations

using which they could send chocolates to a whole list of their

customers and employees (an example of B2B2C EC Model) also contributed to

the success of Godiva.com

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• Adding games and puzzles to the website proved to be ineffective as it was found users came to shop and

were interested in chocolates, not in games.

• Making the site look like the physical store also didn’t work out well.

Godiva realized that this wasn’t a smart strategy and that different

marketing channels should also look different