Getting started with Clickview digital library

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A guide


  • 1. Getting started with Clickview Digital Video Library

2. There are two ways to access Clickview1. Clickview player 2. Clickview online 3. 1. Clickview player From your programs list, search for Clickview player. 4. Clickview player Click on the + symbol to expand the Clickview library. Alternatively, click on Search to find a specific title. 5. Clickview player Click on a subject to see all titles for that subject (note target audience). 6. Clickview player To generate a hyperlink for a video to use in a document or presentation, right click on the selected title. 7. 2. Clickview online. From the VLE homepage, scroll down and click on the Clickview online link or go to 8. Clickview online Login with your school login. 9. Clickview online Clickview online: My Library. This is where you Access the Digital Video Library. manage your playlists. manage your video upoads in your workspace. 10. Clickview online Click on Clickview Digital Video Library to expand the folder view and select a subject heading to see all titles for that subject. 11. Clickview online On the right of each title are options to retrieve the link or the embed code. 12. Clickview online On the right of each title is also the option to add a video to your favourites or other playlist. 13. Clickview online My library: Playlists and Workspace. 14. Clickview exchange Clickview exchange contains another 13,000+ videos, also sorted into subject folders and also searchable.


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