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1. Getting Tucson Moving Again Elect Ron Asta Mayor of Tucson 2. We are a well-positioned southwestern city of opportunity and innovation How can we leverage this?Issues That Matter Business Development 3. What is needed to assure that local business thrives in our growing southwestern city? Issues That Matter Local Business 4. Where do we direct our revenues for the best return? Issues That Matter Budget Potential Savings 5. What is the acceptable level of service based on population and demographics?Issues That MatterPolice and Fire Departments 6. Where do we go from here? Issues That MatterRio Nuevo 7. How do we leverage the opportunities along the route? Issues That MatterThe Modern Streetcar 8. How do we accommodate stability, growth and redevelopment? Issues That MatterProtecting & Strengthening Our Neighborhoods 9. What is a realistic approach to sizing our city efficiently and competitively? Issues That MatterAnnexation 10. What do we need to do to know that our school systems are producing the workers we can build our future on? Issues That MatterEducation 11. Getting Tucson Moving Again Elect Ron Asta Mayor of Tucson