Get Your Head in the Cloud! Cloud Computing and Open Source Tools for Teachers

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  • 1.Get Your Head in the Cloud! Cloud Computing and OpenSource Tools for Teachers Presented by Kevin Pitts and Jennifer Peters-Lise Teaching and Learning with Technology DayMarch 1, 2010 | Markham Campus

2. Cloud Computing and Open Source? Cloud = Internet Computing = applications you would use on a computer:Office software, Web pages, Quizzes, Video creating/editing It's like moving your computer software and storage online. No downloading, updating/upgrading - you just visit a website to create and save. Open Source = computer software for which the source code is freely availableprogrammers will often modify and build upon 3. Jafari, McGee, Carmean (2006) 4. Cloud Computing - yea!Increased collaboration - can even edit together in real time Increased sharing - anyone can access or just users youidentifyFiles are hosted online for you - you don't have to worry aboutfinding server spacePortable - don't have to save your work onto a flash drive justsign in to the website and it's thereIn many applications you can revert to a previous version ifthere are any issues 5. Cloud Computing - boo! Software can be clunky and pared downSome providers are unreliable (lost files)Work is stored on someone else's server which couldcause issues (e.g. The Patriot Act)Editing a document with others could be risky how much can you trust them? 6. Open Source - yea! it's freecan be as good or better than proprietary softwareless restrictions (EULA, DRM) - you can use thesoftware in any wayenable "unlimited tuning and improvement of a softwareproduct" (source) 7. Open Source - boo! might be a bit tricky for novice users (installing,updating, lack of help documentation, etc.)might be buggy (but anything can be buggy,remember Windows Vista?)no tech support to callsoftware might be clunky and pared down 8. Google formsWordpressSeneMA How we used cloud and open source tools for Tech Day 9. Some popular tools... GoogleSlideShareGoogle Docs post your slides onlineWord processing, Slides,Spreadsheets, Forms (for Flickr, Photobucketquizzes, surveys, post your photos onlineinvitations, etc)SeneMa,YouTube, Vimeo,Gmail, CalendarTeacherTube, etc.Maps, Earth post your videos onlineSky VoiceThread, Yahoo Media OpenOfficeWord processing Player, etc.Slidespost your voice onlineSpreadsheets Skype Wordpresscommunicate onlinewebpagePBWorkswebsite wikis, collaborative sitese-portfolio 10. More tools... Moodle UStreamcourse management system broadcast live(like Blackboard but open Animotosource)create a video in 5 min Audacity SchoolForgevoice recording and editinglinks to many open source Screencast-O-Matic, Jing, tools for teachers CamStudio, Bloggerscreencasts - create a democreate a class blog orfrom your computer webpage Project Gutenberg, Google Booksfree ebooks 11. Tools for Teaching Group Collaboration Web ConferencingWiggioWiZiQNingYugmaFacebook Blogging/Micro-Blogging ePortfolioWordpress MaharaBloggerContent/Learning ObjectsTwitter Merlot CMSGoogle/Google BooksMoodleProject GutenbergSakai Google Books VideoOpen CoursewareYouTube/TeacherTube Academic EarthSeneMAWikipediaTEDCLEA


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