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Get Involved Outreach ProgramWalla Walla Garrison Middle School

I chose this picture because it shows something important that I think youth need, and that is positive friendships with both genders. This program will bring kids together and hopefully creates some positive bonds.

Something that is important and that is sobriety. Drugs and alcohol are illegal for kids a certain age but also lead to a life of more crime. Furthermore, drugs are something that are much harder to stop and makes it harder to stop committing crimes all together.

This picture shows that it is your choice. I think it puts personal responsibility on each kid and demonstrates that they can chose to do something different than those around them.

This picture shows a fellow student helping another out. Part of the prevention program is help from peers and from high schoolers. Because those peers may have been through the same thing and the at risk youth might identify with the peer more so than the adults working the program.

Part of the program is to teach the kids they have the power to change and power to choose their actions. They have the power to change the course they are on and find something that inspires them.

Sports are a great way to keep a kid busy and teach them discipline. Also, if they enjoy a hobby they might have something to give them incentive not to lose the opportunity to do.

This is another picture that I think is encouraging. For youth who may already participate in drugs or smoking tobacco, this picture shows that it can be done to stop. No one should feel bad about where they are whether they are at risk or have already participated in bad behavior.

This picture embrasses studying and doing well academically.

Part of the program is to get these kids prepared for the future and build skills to succeed.

Outdoor activities is another thing that kids can participate in to keep them busy or have fun. Fresh air is good for everyone.

I really liked this picture because it reminds the kids that they will have bad days and feel bad but that is okay. Having negative feelings and dealing with them instead of ignoring them can help the kids with future bad days or situations.

Kids may be struggling academically and be too afraid of ask for help. This picture shows that this will be a safe place to ask questions and receive help on homework or anything else.

Another picture of sports because I think no matter the sport, if a kid is passionate about it, they should pursue it. It is good for them on a lot of levels.

Family is another good aspect to focus on if they can. The child can take what they learn and apply it to deal with family situations.

Youth are going to experience bad days and need help coping with them. This picture illustrates having someone there and they are not alone in their problems.

I think part of this program is for kids to develop a safe relationship with adults in authoritative positions. One of those being police officers, especially for kids who have already been involved in the criminal justice system. This picture shows that not all cops are bad or kids can have interactions that are not just negative.