Get Google Apps For EDU

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Getting Started with Google apps

Text of Get Google Apps For EDU

  • 1.What are Google Apps?
    • and how do I get them?

- @tjhouston 2.

  • TJ Houston
  • Technology Director @ Huron City Schools
  • @TjHouston

Who Am I? 3. Who Are You? 4. First and Formost: 5. What we will cover today:

  • Signing Up
  • What comes with Google Apps?
  • The Market Place
  • Training Users
  • Migration Tips
  • My Workflows
  • Questions?

6. 3 options

  • Sign-up Online
    • You own or manage the domain for the school
  • Sign-up to Learn More
    • Sales team will contact you and help you along the way
  • Google Apps Partner
    • Complicated integration or no IT Staff

7. 6 Steps

  • Step 1: Sign Up and Sign In
  • Step 2: Domain Verification
  • Step 3: Customize Google Apps
  • Step 4: Create Users
  • Step 5: Migrate Mail and MX Records
  • Step 6: Deploy Google Apps!

There is a wizard that walks you through all of this... 8. Signing Up

  • Pre-Reqs
    • Must have a domain and have access to DNS Settings. ( is ok)
  • Navigate to signup

9. Quick Tip: you to your control panel area. 10. Verification... I swear its me.. 11. Customizing

  • You can customize your Login Screen,
  • Your Start Page,
  • Websites, and What applications are available...

12. Creating Users

  • Several Options,
    • Create Users individually
    • Add Users in Bulk
    • Sync with your directory (Ldap, AD, OD)

13. GAM - Google Apps Manager

  • Command Line tool to administer your Google Apps Domain. Great for automating and scripting tasks.
  • Getting Started Guide:

14. STOP!!! Its Training Time!!!

  • If you have gotten this far you need
  • to start talking to your users...

15. Guide to Going Google

  • This guide will provide you with sample notification emails, links to training presentations, as well as some Best practices...

16. 17. Migrating Mail & MX Records 18. MX Records

  • Tells what server handles mail on the internetz.
  • Google has plenty of step by step guides for several different web hosts.
  • Dual Delivery

19. Quick Tip: Dont forget to take into account things that depend on your Internal mail server. Copiers, Helpdesk, Alerts most likely depend on your internal mail server. However you can use relay from Gmail Server: SSL: Yes Authentication: Yes Username: Full email address Password: Your Google Apps Password Port: 465 or 587 Port: 465 or 587 Port: 465 or 587 Port: 465 or 587 Port: 465 or 587 Port: 465 or 587 Port: 465 or 587 Port: 465 or 587 Port: 465 or 587 Port: 465 or 587 20. Migrating Email

  • Google has a utility called the Google Apps Migration for Exchange tool. (Works with Imap)
  • Parses a text file and migrates emails to Google Apps.

21. Your Done! (ish)

  • Explore the marketplace (Sherpa Tools, Brain Pop, LMSs, Gradebooks)
  • Train Train Train!!!
  • Stay strong on cutover date with email. (Before Summer)
  • Create a Tech Tips Google Group

22. Dont Worry there is help...

  • Google Apps Administrator Help Center:
  • Google Apps End User Help Center:
  • Google Apps Help Group :
  • Learning Center:
  • Huron Wiki:

23. Questions? [email_address] @tjhouston cell: 419-975-9749 24. Thanks!