HUMAN GENETICS Dr. D.A.R.K. Dayarathna MD (medicine –col), MSc (medical genetics –Ncl - UK)

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presentation by- DARK. Dayaratna (consultant physician, MSc in genetics)

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Dr. D.A.R.K. Dayarathna

MD (medicine –col),

MSc (medical genetics –Ncl - UK)

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• Human genetics- scientific study of human variation and Heredity

• Medical genetics - study of the hereditary nature of human disease

• Clinical genetics- Care, diagnosis and counseling of patients with congenital malformations or genetic diseases

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Causes of diseases

• Accidents

• Infections

• Genetic diseases

• Complex traits

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Genetic diseases

• Inherited diseases

• Diseases due to mutations in somatic cells- cancer

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Inherited diseases

• Due to genetic mutations- nuclear, Mitochondrial

• Chromosomal abnormalities

• Complex traits, multifactorial disorders

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Mutations• Deletions- ranging from 1 bp to mega base• Insertions- including duplications• Single base substitution-• Missense mutations- replace one amino

acid with another in the gene product• Nonsense mutations replace one amino

acid codon with a stop codon• Splice site mutations create or destroy

signals for exon/intron splicing• Frame shifts can be produced by

deletions, insertions or splice mutations

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Mutation- functional change

• Loss of function mutations• Gain of function mutations

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Loss of function

• Autosomal recessive disorders

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Autosomal dominant

• Dominant negative• Haplo insufficiency

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Dominant negative mutation

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Gene structure and protein synthesis

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GENE expression

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Down syndrome

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Down syndrome

• Common cause for mental retardation

• Most are due to trisomy 21,nodisjunction

• Elderly mothers are more suseptible

• 2-3% due to translocatin of 21to14

• Screening – triple test

- alpha feto protien


- chorionic

gonadotopihic hormone

- ultra sound scan


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Turner syndrome

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Klinefelter syndrome

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Fragile X syndrome

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Fragile X syndrome• Inherited cause of

intellectual disability

• Large protruding ears,large testiclesle

• Due to mutation of the fragile X mentel retardation 1 ( FMRI)

• X linked dominent condition with variable expressivity

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Autosomal dominant inheritance

• Males and females are equally affected• Transmission between all sexes are

observed . Male to male, female to male• Symptoms usually appear later in life• Pleiotrophy- single gene disorder produce

multiple phenotypic effect• Variable expressivity of gene

• Reduced or incomplete penetrance, the

penetrance is expressed as a percentage

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Autosomal dominant ctd

• Codominance- when both traits are expressed fully in heterozygous state. Ex-AB blood group

• Intermediate inheritance• Ex- sickle cell trait

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Pedigree symbols

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•Common genetic cause of dwarfism

•Mutation in the fibroblast growth factor receptor


•Cause abnormality of cartilage formation

•Can be detected before birth by prenatal


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Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

•Inherited systemic disease

• 1 in 400 to 1 in 1000

•Mutation in PKD1 and PKD 2 gene

•Cyst in liver, pancreas, cerebral aneurysm, mitral

valve prolapse.

•Imaging and molecular studies

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Neurofibramatosis•Skin fibromas

•Neuro fibromas

•Capu lau spot

•Variable clinical manifestation

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Hereditary spherocytosis

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Hypertropic obstructive cardiomyopathy

• Presentation

Sudden death

Chest pain on excretion


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Mafan syndrome

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Osteogenesis imperfecta

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Familial hypercholesterolemia

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Brugada Syndrome

• More in asia

• Cause of sudden death in young

• Can present with atypical chest pain and recurrent palpitation

• Mutation in sodium ion channels

• Cause of death is VF

• Implantable cardioverter defibrillator

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Autosomal recessive inheritance

• Presentation - in early age, usually with severe symptoms

• Affect either sex

• Affected people are usually born to unaffected parents

• Parents are usually asymptomatic carriers

• Increase incidence of parental consanguinity

• After the birth of an effected child, each subsequent child has a 25% of being Affected

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Autosomal recessecive pedigree

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White Tiger

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X linked recessive inheritance

• Affect mainly males• Affected males are usually born to un

affected parents• Mother is normally an asymptomatic

carrier• There is no male to male transmission in

the pedigree

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Color blindness(X-linked)

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Duchenne muscular dystrophy• Common inherited

muscular dystrophy

• Mutation in dystrophin gene

• Symptoms before age of 05

• Progressive muscle weakness

• Pseudo hypertrophy of calf muscles

• Cardiac involvement

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Lyon hypothesis

• Random inactivation of one X chromosome in early foetal development

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X linked dominant inheritance

• Affect either sex but more female then males

• Female are often more mildly and more variably then males

• No male to male transmission

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Mitochondrial inheritance

• Matrineal inheritance• Variable clinical manifestation due to


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Mitochondrial inheritance ctd

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Mitochondrial disease

• Ragged Red Fibers" - clumps of diseased mitochondria accumulate in the subsarcolemmal region of the muscle fiber and appear as "Ragged Red Fibers" when muscle is stained with modified Gömöri trichrome stain

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E/M view of diseased mitochondria

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Mitochondrial myopathies

• Kern sayare syndrome

• Chronic progressive external opthalmoplegia

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Complex traits

Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, mental disorders etc

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Complex traits ctd

• Gene and environment interaction• Population studies• Family studies• Twin studies