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Screenshots from Games I like or find interesting.

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  • 1. This Screenshot is from Pacman. I like this game because the design is quite simple but colourful and it proviedes enetertinment to children aswell as teenagers and adults. This Screenshot is from The Sims 3. I like this game but it allows full control of your chracter and what happens, so you can create and do whatever you want. This screenshot was taen from Call of duty. I like this screenshot because the quality is extremely high and realistic. This screenshot is rom Burnout, I like it because there is loads happening, and it doesnt seem boring. This screenshot was taken from Mortal Kombat. I like this game because it is not stereotyped. Some of the available characters are female. Also in the screenshot the quality is quite good and bright.
  • 2. This screenshot is from a hidden objects game called My Hotel. I like these games but it doesnt require a whole lot of creativity. It is just a room full of junk and you have to find hidden objects within this room. This screenshot is from The Toy Story 3 game. I like this game because it is colourful and for children and young teenagers. This Screenshot was taken from Mario. I like this screenshot because even the the quality isnt that great and it is 2-dimensional, it is still quite colourful and fun to play.