From Millennials to Post-Millennials

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What is the Next Generation called? What will they be shaped by? And what is Generational Research anyway?

Text of From Millennials to Post-Millennials

  • 1. From Millennials to Post-Millennials Welcome To A New Generation

2. Why Do People Differ Across Age? People Change Circumstances Change Zeitgeist Volksgeist Image credit: Ambro @ FreeDigitalImages 3. What Affects A Generation? Karl Mannheims Generational Location Strauss & Howes Four Turnings Cyclical history? History does not repeat itself, it rhymes Image credit: Library of Congress the second time its a farce.. 4. Homelander 2004 - ? Archetype: Artist (recessive) Adaptive Childhood: suffocated Boomer 1946 1964 Archetype: Profet Idealist (dominant) Childhood: indulged Generation X 1964- 1984 Archetype: Nomad Reactive (recessive) Childhood: abandoned Millennials 1984 2004 Archetype: Hero Civic (dominant) Childhood: protected Crisis 1929 46 & 2008 -? War & Recession Defining Events: Great Depression/ Great Recession World War II/? Values: Community Technology Protection High 1946 1964 Reconstruction/ Gilded Age Defining Events Cold War Emerging youth culture Emerging social justice Values: Conformity Growth/ Affluence Expertise Awakening 1964 1984 Consciousness Revolution Defining Events Assassinations (JFK/MLK) Vietnam war Woodstock Values: Civil rights Gender equality Spiritualism Unraveling 1984- 2008(01) Culture Wars Defining Events AIDS Berlin Wall Values: Individualism Pragmatism Survivalism Strauss and Howes Generational Theory Silent 1929 1949 Archetype: Artist (recessive) Adaptive) Childhood: suffocated 5. Trends 1980s to Today The Fear Bubble Commercialization of childhood Kid and Me trend: Opt-out moms Attachment parenting (Dr. Sears) Natural child rearing Breastfeeding (duration and frequency) Distrust in government institutions (FDA, USDA, NSA etc.) From Echo-Boomers to Baby Bust (2008 ->) Across all ages. Teenage pregnancy rate at historic low Across all ethnic groups. Steepest decline among Hispanics Recession driven Cyberbabies and Facebook mirrors; objectified childhood 6. Fear and Fetishism Children walking to school in: 1970: 66% Today: 13% Images: FreeDigitalImages, Flickr 7. The Reality We are probably living in the most peaceful time in our species existence. ~ Steven Pinker 8. Sledding hills and risky activities discouraged as accidents are thought too costly Sedentary lifestyles. 50% of children no longer allowed to climb a tree Childhood obesity increases with 15% from 1963 - 2010 $40 billion: projected obesity related cost increase from 2010 to 2030* Skyrocketing health care costs and insurance premiums/ more defaults on medical debt The Causal Loop of Rising Healthcare Costs - the sledding hill example - * Newer studies suggest the obesity trends have stagnated Image: 9. From Wild Things to Vile Things Dollars spent on marketing to kids per year: 1983: $100 million vs. 2007: $17 billion Images: FreeDigitalImages, Flickr 10. Over the last generation, the gender segregation and stereotyping of toys have grown to unprecedented levels. Elizabeth Sweet, Sociologist Then Now Images: LEGO, CCFC Dont You Wish Your Daughter Was Hot Like Me? Harsbros Pussycat Dolls were stopped after pressure from parents and the CCFC 11. Income Disparity Within and Between Generations and down will come baby cradle and all 12. U . S . s c h o o l s w i t h fewer than 10% poor score higher than any country in the world. Yet it s the middle class kids that flock to private schools and t u t o r i n g s e r v i c e s . 13. mirror mirror, facebook wall 8-year-olds seek online validation Parent-friendly sites like Facebook abandoned for sites like Tumblr, Snapchat, InstagramImages: Facebook, YouTube 14. Shared Since Before Birth 92% of all 2-year-olds have digital footprints 15. Curators Online scrapbooks, parent blogs Non-Sharers Over-Sharents STFU parents Shamers Laptop shooter, Facebook parents Internet Savvy High Low Activity level High Low 16. WhoAreTheNewKidsOnTheBlock? and how will they be raised? Image credit: FreeDigitalImages 17. Game Changers? Born that way The end of hyper parenting and hyper schooling? No more trophies just for showing up Decline of danger? Just play! 18. Welcome to: Multigenerational Households Proud SAHDs Glass ceiling breaking Moms The Village - that it takes to raise resilient children (healthcare, childcare, family friendly employers, family friendly architecture) Images: FreeDigitalImages, Edwi HR 19. 10Q for watching =) Contact: Anne Boysen Special thanks to Free Digital images and Flickr for graphics