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  1. 1. Cafe yolo
  2. 2. Whatare the 3 bestthingsabout Cafe YOLO
    1. I have met some great, inspiring people :D
    2. Because of Caf YOLO I keep my head in the game which means that I focus on my goal(s).
    3. I know I can get some help or just some inspiring words if I need it.
    (4.) My English is getting better.
  3. 3. Whatare the 3 biggestchallenge
    1. I think we all have so much to do outside Caf YOLO that it is a challenge to find the time to really be a part of it.
    2. Its even more a challenge when we are doing the things in groups, because its difficult to be at the computer at the same time.
    3. ?
  4. 4. Whatshould be the focus of Caf YOLO the coming 3 month
    One of the focal points should be about the goals we have make and about how its going with the work we would do the first month.
  5. 5. Whatwouldmakeyourecommend Cafe YOLO to a friend
    As we have talked about before its difficult to keep up your commitment because of ignorant friends and family. So if I got a friend who told me that she had a hard time to use what she had learned on Camp True North because of her friend and family I would recommend Caf YOLO, because here there is people who knows what she are talking about when she talks about stuff from Camp True North, even people who are from other countries.
  6. 6. Thank you for everything Caf YOLO family :D