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Tips and Tricks for How to Learn Photography and Its Techniques

Photography is my passion, hobby, profession, daily routine. In one word I want to say that photography is Everything for me. Photography which is beautiful art in this world to capture images and represent it. We have different type of photographers like wedding photographer, Wild life photographer, Fashion photographer, Advertising Photographer and many more. Every different photographer has own styles and techniques to capture the photos. Initially you should know how to use DSLR cameras and its functionalities.Like any other art form, photography has various styles to it. Portrait, landscape, macro, etc. Everyphotography techniqueis a subject in its own. At Shaw Academy, learn from the subject matter experts and take a deep dive intodifferent styles of photography.Our courses are targeted at training even first-time DSLR users to get attuned to variousstyles of photography. Choose your favourite style and hone your skills as you progress through the course with our subject matter experts.The course you are about to take will change the way you work with photography. Learningdifferent types of photography styleswill have a profound impact on your photography skills and will definitely help you towards establishing a professional background.

Here are the few tips for how to learn photography techniques by Shaw Academy

Buy suitable DSLR Camera and Lens. If you are beginner photographer go with the basic DSLR cameras so that it will be easy to learn and operate. Once you gain knowledge about functions and operations buy a professional camera and lenses. Always its a confusion to which lens to buy?

According to distance of photos you can select lens like 18mm, 28mm, 50mm, 70mm and 200mm.

Learn basic definitions of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, High Dynamic Range, Focal Length etc. These aspects are very important and essential for all photographers.

Never ever forget the Tripod which is most important for photography. You may feel carrying tripod can be Burden. But if you want to click perfect photos with good size, clarity and view tripod is mandatory.

Select a proper place to capture photos. In all the places we cant take colourful photos. Its important to click photos in places like market, events & family functions, nature and animals.

Also, give importance for the background, many time quality of the photo depends on background too. If the lead photo is good and background is dim or inappropriate, then it wont be better photography.

Light is most important thing in the photography. Photos wont look in the dark.

You could have seen many photographers use lighting kits even wedding, fashion and still photography. We can call it as portrait photography where photo is captured using light and background.

Now you can edit the photos, can change the colour of photos & can manipulate according to your need from many software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Light room etc.

Some of the following are important for capture good pics

Film SpeedShutter SpeedApertureLensesFramingPortrait TechniquesLandscapes

There are many types of photography like

Wedding PhotographyWild Life PhotographyFashion PhotographyAdvertise Photographyportrait PhotographyNature PhotographyStill Life PhotographyMacro PhotographyUnder Water PhotographyMotion Photography

Finally legitimate point is to Photographer to take clear and perfect picture.

Its not a rocket science to become photographer now a day. Just buy a less price DSLR camera and you learn basic photography. In addition to that get registered for free online photography course from Shaw Academy. Get diploma, degree and advanced certificationand be a professional photographer.