FLEX/HS Yearlong Orientation

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  • 1. Welcome to Wisconsin 4-H International High School Student Orientation

2. Add two slides regarding this:Adapting to a Rural LifestyleMany of our HS/FLEX students come from urban areas in their home countries, so living with a rural 4-H family can be a bit shocking at first! Some students just cant believe that people actuallychoose to live in the countryside rather than the city, because in many of their home countries the urban lifestyle is viewed as the ideal.When working with your students, help them understand how important it is to communicate with their host families about transportation and activities. This can be one of the biggest adjustments to rural life they cant just hop on a train or bus to get where they want to go. With a little advance planning, they wont feel so isolated. Also, help them focus on the positive aspects of their placement, such as beautiful scenery, fresh air, a tight-knit community, and the chance to build good relationships. 3. 4. Orientation Binder Contents

  • Program information, expectations and requirements
  • List of State Staff, Volunteer Counselors,Community Mediators, Hosts, and Students.
  • Questionnaire for 1 stday with host family
  • LOTS of other important information!

5. What is 4-H? Focus: Leadership, Volunteerism, Citizenship, and Practical Learning Clubs and Members Several clubs in each county; 7,090,920 members in U.S. U.S. Department of Agriculture Oversees National 4-H Program Land Grant Universities All states have University Extension and 4-H Youth DevelopmentCounties 4-H is in all 3,067 counties of U.S. with agent or coordinator 6. Wisconsin Program Contacts

  • 4-H Outreach Specialist
    • Kay Hobler, Madison
  • 4-H FLEX Program Coordinator
    • Nolan Lendved, Madison
  • 4-H International Assistant
    • Stephanie Hemshrot, Madison

7. Program Contacts How to contact us?

  • Telephone at office or home
  • E-mail
    • Normally check daily during the week
  • Monthly Reporting Back form
    • Must submit before stipends are mailed to you
  • Teleconferences
  • 1 or 2 Midpoint Meetings or Gatherings
  • 2 School visits
  • Home visits, if needed

8. Program Contacts

  • National Counselor

Kristina Mirkadyrova San Diego, California

  • Wisconsin 4-H FLEX Counselor
    • Allison Suchon, Madison

9. WI 4-H Cares for International Students

  • Midpoint Meetings
  • Teleconferences
  • Monthly Reporting Back forms
  • Telephone Calls

10. 4-H Participation

  • Projects
  • Club meetings
  • County events
  • Presentations

11. Goals & Expectations What do you expect from this program?

  • It is important to think of your goals and expectations for the coming year NOW!
  • Your host family, 4-H educator, and school will want to know why you came to the USA

12. What families expect from students Expectations

    • Share own culture
    • Become family member
    • Spend time with them
    • Daily communication
    • Help with chores
    • Dont spend too much time in your bedroom
    • Dont spend more than hour/day on computer (except for homework)
    • Be considerate (timebathroom, rides, etc.)
    • Honor rules

13. What schools expect from students

    • Grades (A, B, C all okay)
    • History or government classes
    • English
    • Physical Education
    • Extra-Curricular

Expectations 14. 4-H expectations from delegates Expectations

  • Bond with carefully selected, assignedunpaidhosts
  • Share culture of your home country with hosts, school and community
  • Serve as ambassador of your country
  • Obey parents and programs rules
  • Donotexpect vacations and travel

15. You could be sent home for any of the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Pornography (possession or viewing)
  • Sexual relationships
  • Lying, Stealing
  • Failing grades

Program Termination 16. Becoming a Family Member

  • Share feelings
  • Communicate continuously
  • Be truthful, honest
  • Be helpful
  • Do special things for them
  • Respect their schedules
  • NEVER gossip about them with anyone!

17. Living with a host family Host Brothers and Sisters

  • May share room
  • Expect to help you with questions
  • Sometimes best friends,usually not
  • Ask questions to get to know them well
    • First impressions important
  • Sometimes argue or fight
    • Americans are very expressive

18. Living with a host family Your Bedroom

  • Leave your room like you found it
  • Ask host parents before hanging things on walls or moving furniture
  • Family understands you need time to yourself but try to not spend a lot of time in your room with the door closed

19. Host Parents Living with a host family

  • Father involved with family
  • Mother works
  • Everyone shares chores

20. Importance of time to AmericansLiving with a host family

  • Promptness
  • Keep a calendar
  • Tell family when want to go to events immediately so goes on calendar
  • Be on time when going out or being picked up


  • Participation in daily activities & chores

Living with a host family

  • Do promptly without being asked and when asked
  • Volunteer to help out around the house

22. Living with a host family Try to spend some time with host family every day Participate in activities like playing games, eating meals together, going to church and visiting friends and relatives. 23.

  • Privacy and Time Spent Studying

Living with a host family

  • Respect familys private space
  • If you have things you dont want to share with family or small children might pick up, lock them in your suitcase. Examples may be:
    • Journal
    • Letters
    • Passport
    • Money

24. Ask host parents and siblings for help but understand they are busy too. 25. Computer Usage

  • Students should not be on e-mail or social networks for more than hourper day.

26. Community Mediator

  • Someone to talk to about concerns about family, school, homesickness
  • Serve as a host during emergencies or as a break

27. School Mentor

  • Introduce you to students, teachers, administrators
  • Help you find classrooms, extra-curricular activities, school organizations
  • Teach you about school life

28. Introduction to School

  • Registration, School Tour, Grades
  • List classes desired before meeting with counselor. Will your school accept grades from the U.S.?
  • WI 4-H requires you to take American history or government, English, and physical education or an extracurricular sport each semester.

29. School

  • Talk to peopledont wait for them to talk to you
  • Accept invitations after asking hostdont expect to be asked more than twice if you dont go
  • Trust parents judgment about choice of friends

Making friends 30.

  • Casual, not best friends
  • Partieswhat like, when to leave, and how
  • Where to seek friends
  • Beware of wrong crowd
  • Dating

School 31.

  • Clubs and sports are important
  • All students are required to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity

School 32. Graduation School

  • Depends on the schools policies
  • Some students may be allowed to graduate and others wont
  • Dont argue with school if they say you cant

33. American Cultural Tips

  • Americans teenagers usually shower and wash their hair every day.
  • American teenagers always wear deodorant and wear clothes only once or twice before laundering.

When speaking to each other, Americans stand a little less than one meter apart. 34.