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My Class Presentation for First Grade :)


<ul><li> 1. Elanna Stein- Southeastern University EDUC 4223- Elementary Classroom Management </li></ul> <p> 2. ACHIEVE! 3. Kelly Adam Angel John Ally Ryan Kim Luke Chloe Katie Scott Josh Jane Shauna Drew Tom 4. WHAT I NEED TO SUCCEED! 5. EACH RULE IS COOL 6. A SHORT ABOUT OUR POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT 7. CONSEQUENCE SENSE 8. WITH A REWARD YOU WONT BE BORED! 9. BE GOOD AND YOULL LEARN JUST LIKE YOU SHOULD! 10. Lets stop for a moment and look at this stage. Have you seen it before on a magazine page? Each day you come here and have to perform, but making good choices makes you fuzzy and warm. That word at the bottom, whats that Expectations? I think I owe you some good explanations. What do you expect from yourself this year? What do I expect? Let me make it nice and clear I want you to try, and give your best to all, I want you to succeed, not to trip and fall! 11. WHAT I EXPECT AND WILL CONSTANTLY CHECK! 12. DONT WORRY ABOUT CINDY, BOBBY, OR TED. JUST FOCUS ON YOU AND YOUR OH SO SMART HEAD 13. YOU, each and every one of you will be LOVED and RESPECTED in this class. There is no popular or in-crowd test you have to pass. 14. DONT WORRY, THIS CLASS IS TRUE, YOU WILL BE LOVED AND RESPECTED BECAUSE THERES NO ONE QUITE LIKE YOU! In our class, everyone is valued because there is no one like you. Our differences make us special, well be stuck like glue. No one is worthless, unimportant, or odd, even though we all learn differently we are one big squad. YOU ARE LOVED AND APPRECIATED! 15. EVERYONE CAN LEARN, NEAR OR FAR. EVERYONE CAN LEARN NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE! 16. I love to take pictures of people, places, and I love to spend time with my family. I also love school! 17. I love to read! </p>