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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>WelcomeLBS-015 &amp; FXTD-002</p> <p>WelcomeLBS-015 &amp; FXTD-002Today's AgendaAdmin Staff </p> <p>Teaching Staff</p> <p>Facility Overview</p> <p>Student Handbook &amp; Policies</p> <p>Introductions - Students</p> <p>Lunch</p> <p>Staff Admin / MakeupRia BnardSenior Educational AdministratorStudent Services Director Production DesignerVES Board Member &amp; SecretaryMakeup ArtistStaff - TeachingMark BnardVFX Director &amp; OwnerVES - Vancouver Chapter - Education and Technology Chair</p> <p>Andrew LowellLead Instructor Effects Technical Program</p> <p>Ganz RamalingamLead Instructor Advanced Visual Effect Compositing Program</p> <p>Josh RobertsonTeaching AssistantFacility OverviewEntry / Exit Alarm codesWorkstationsKitchenMedia CenterWashroomRoof TopBins and WardrobeFirst Aid KitOffices</p> <p>Student HandbookRead it!Student PoliciesStuff you shouldn't be doing</p> <p>WebsitesHomepage</p> <p>Education - Course Ware</p> <p>Blog</p> <p>WebsitesYoutube</p> <p>Vimeo StudentsLBS-014AndreVaniaDanieleArshadTrevorMarisaMorokoMoisesHakonDavidFXTD-001JoshYashRodTylerTannerIntroductions - YouYour Name?</p> <p>Where are you from? </p> <p>What did you do before you came here?</p> <p>Speak Louder!</p>