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Welcome to 4th Grade Language Arts

4th Grade Language Arts

Teacher: Ms. Graham


My name is Felicia Graham and this is my first year teaching.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi College and am currently a student in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Belhaven University.

I am very excited to be your teacher this year!

My Philosophy of EducationI BELIEVE.Every student is valuable and deserves a quality education.A quality education helps build self confidence and social skills.Teachers learn from students just as students learn from teachers.Parental involvement in a childs education is crucial.Classroom management and organization are top components in teaching and learning.These two components will help create a positive classroom environment that promotes student participation, reduce misbehavior and allow more time to teach and learn.

Student ExpectationsStudents are expected to ..Arrive to class on timeRespect both their classmates and teacherFollow school and classroom rulesFollow directionsKeep their work areas neat and clutter-freeKeep the aisles clear from clutter (book bags, jackets, coats, etc.)

Attendance PolicyStudents are expected to attend class daily. We have to cover a lot of information in a short period of time so regular attendance is important.Class starts promptly at 7:30 a.m.Tardy students will require a tardy slip from the office before being allowed to enter the classroomAny student who is absent must present a signed excuse upon returning to class. All assignments missed must be completed and returned within one week.If a student has to leave early, assignments, excluding quizzes, will be given as homework and must be returned upon students return.

Homework PolicyHomework will be given Monday through Thursday (with the exception of holiday breaks) and must be completed and returned the following day. All completed homework must be signed by parent.Failure to turn in homework when scheduled will result in a grade of 0All assigned homework will be placed in students red, pronged Homework folder. Completed homework should be returned in the same folder and placed in the designated homework tray.

QUIZZESStudents will be given quizzes at the end of each week. Quizzes will cover material covered during the week.The day before each quiz, material covered during the week will be reviewed.If a student misses a quiz, that quiz must be made up immediately upon the students return.Students who struggle or receive an unsatisfactory grade on quizzes will receive extra help and be allowed to complete extra work in order to raise their grade.

Grading ScaleGrades are assigned by completing classroom and homework assignmentsStudents will also be graded on class participationFailing to complete assignments in the time allotted will result in a grade of 0A-100 90B-89 80C-79 70D-65 69F-64 and below

No clothing shall be worn containing offensive or vulgar writing. Dresses, skirts and shorts must be worn at knee level.No tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, cut off shirts, or midriff tops shall be worn.Clothing with rips, tears or holes shall not be worn.Flip flops and slide in shoes are not allowed.Low cut shirts, blouses or dresses shall not be worn.Sagging pants are not allowed.

If you are not sure, dont wear it!!

Special ProjectDuring the school year our class will write two short stories. The students will be organized into groups and each group will work together cooperatively on their story. More information regarding this project will be given to the students at a later date. This project will be completed during school hours.This project will strengthen students grammar, writing and critical thinking skills.

Classroom ProceduresUpon entering the classroom.Enter the classroom quietlyUnpack needed items from backpackPlace homework and any notes in their designated traysPut away backpacks, coats and other items not needed at this timeSharpen pencils if neededBe seated and begin copying homework assignments from the board into your journal

Classroom RulesAlways come to class prepared. Have everything you need out and ready to use at the start of class.Listen and follow directionsRaise your hand and wait to be acknowledged before speakingRespect your classmates and your teacherKeep your feet on the floor in front of you while seated (the aisles must be clear at all times)No running or horseplay will be toleratedKeep your hands to yourselfAlways use your inside voice. Work quietly

I am looking forward to a GREAT school year!!!