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<p>T. L. Weston Middle School</p> <p>Patricia G. Johnson -TeacherEastern Hemisphere Seventh Grade2016-2017 School Year</p> <p>About Mrs. Johnson </p> <p> I am a native of Greenville, MS I have two adult children and two grandchildren I have been teaching for 10 years I enjoy cooking and traveling I have a love for children I like to see people strive for excellence I enjoy watching people grow to their greatest potential </p> <p>Course Descriptionthe seventh grade course of study focuses on the cultural and historical developments of the world from prehistoric times to the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th Century. The content explores themes from the earliest civilizations and trace the evolution of civilizations from clans, to kingdoms, to empires and individual nation/states. The course content should provide a foundation for understanding global affairs. The avenues for these concepts are developed through the social studies strands. </p> <p>Course GoalsBy the end of the school year students will be able to: Understand the biological and cultural processes that shaped the earliest human communities.Understand the political, social, and cultural consequences of population movements and militarization in Eurasia in the second millennium BCE. Understand the civil and human development of various civilizations of Asia, Europe, and Africa from rise to fall. Understand how information concerning prehistoric and historic groups contributes to the study of a civilizations cultural development. </p> <p>Items Needed For ClassComposition Notebook2 inch binderWide rule paperPencils or pens (black or blue ink)HighlightersDictionary </p> <p>Attendance If you are here, you can learn!!!If you are not here, you can not learn!!! In the event of an absence it is your responsibility to make-up any assignments missed.You must check with the teacher to get any notes or other materials that was missed. </p> <p>Weighing of grades </p> <p>Home and Class Work 25%Quizzes and Test 50%Major Projects 25%Nine Weeks Test 100%</p> <p>If you receive an E, Then you need to come see me.</p> <p>20/20 rule</p> <p>NO hall passes to the restrooms or any other destination will be issued during the first twenty minutes of class and the last twenty minutes of any class period.</p> <p>Classroom rules and expectations Be on time for class. Be prepared with materials daily. Be polite and positive- respecting yourself and others. Raise your Hand if you have a question or comment. Absolutely NO talking or walking without permission. NO PROFANITY No chewing, eating or drinking in class. No iPad usage during class unless instructed by the instructor. The bell does not dismiss you, ONLY THE INSTRUCTOR.</p> <p>Consequences Misconduct 1st Warning: Verbal Warning2nd Warning: Change of Seat3rd Waning: Contact Parent4th Warning: Office Referral/ Parent ConferenceInappropriate iPad usage1st Warning: Verbal Warning</p> <p>2nd Warning: iPad will be taken up and returned only at teachers discretion</p> <p>Reward incentives Class Shout-Outs </p> <p>Be featured as Student of the Week</p> <p>Assist Teacher for a day </p> <p>Major assignments</p> <p>Pyramid of Egypt </p> <p>Five Themes of Geography Booklet </p> <p>Black History Board </p>