First day of school instructions

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General instructions for the first day of school


  • 1. FIRST DAY ENGLISH ESO 1GENERAL INSTRUCTIONSYou need: Spiral notebook Highlighters Pens (blue and red) Coloured pencils Glue stick (Pritt) Pencil case (sharpener / rubber / ruler / pencil / white-out) Diary ( for writing all homework assignments)Recommendations:Use your notebook correctly, that's to say: Write the title of the unit on the left side of your notebook Write the date on the right side Write everything down (take notes) All handouts will be glued into your notebook Titles or sections will be underlined -always- Homework assignments will be highlighted Correct handwriting and visual appearance and organization -appealing-Evaluation scale:I'll check notebooks in the classroom, while you work, at your desk, using the following evaluation scale:Needs more work (0.10-minus) / Fair (0.10-bonus) / Good work (0.20-bonus) / Excellent (0.25-bonus)Mara Quintas