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  • 1. Mr. Dupree's Room Room 701 Math 7/Pre-Algebra Please sit at the desk you drew when walking into class. Begin working on your "I am" paper that is on your desk. The purpose of this is to show me who you are a bit.
  • 2. Before the bell rings Be on time. Enter the classroom quietly. Grab your notebooks from the basket up front (unless otherwise posted). Sharpen your pencil before class starts. If you do not have a pencil, TELL ME. Go directly to your assigned seat. Copy your homework into your agenda. Begin working on your opener and calendar.
  • 3. During Class Listen and pay attention at all times. Raise your hand to ask a question or to sharpen your pencil if it should break. If I am writing notes, youd better be too. All bellwork, notes, homework assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. should be done in pencil. No pens in math class. No side conversations during instruction. Participate.
  • 4. Homework You will have homework every night, expect it. You will usually have time at the end of class to work on it. Always put your first and last name, the date, and your class period on each assignment. Always do homework in PENCIL. Homework assignments will be checked at the beginning of class during your warm up
  • 5. Before Leaving Class You will be dismissed by rows to put your notebooks back in the basket. You will not leave your notebook on your desk. I will dismiss you, the bell does not dismiss you. We will not leave class until all my calculators are on the wall and I have all my pencils back. Pick up around your table. Do not leave garbage on your desk or on the floor.
  • 6. Tardies Tardiness is not acceptable. A tardy will be excused only if you bring a note from your teacher. If you dont have a note, you will be marked tardy and given a strike
  • 7. Absent See me the day you return to school for your assignments. Do the work at home. I will make a copy of our notes for the day(s) you miss and you can copy them into your binder after you finish your math work for the day. If you miss a test, you will need to schedule a day after school you can stay with me and take it. It is your responsibility to come to me after youre absent. I will not track you down.
  • 8. Grading Procedures Homework 10 % Classwork 10% Quiz & Projects 30% Test & Exams 50% Notebook Grades will be given monthly
  • 9. Paper Headings First Last Teacher Period / Subject *Day* *Month* *Year* No name papers are considered LATE. They will be thrown in the garbage after the first quarter. They will need to be redone for a grade.
  • 10. Late PapersYou are allowed 3 late paper per Quarter, but it it will only receive particle credit. Any other late papers that Quarter the best grade you will receive is a 50%! Points will be deducted accordingly for each day they are late. Get your work Turned In on time! Get your work Turned In on time!
  • 11. . Assignments need to be completed with quality work in order to receive a grade for it. Assignments will be returned to students if they are not completed and the grade remains MISSING (ZERO %) until completed and turned in. This is a school policy. Students must get in for extra help on problems they do not understand how to do.
  • 12. . All work is required no matter what or no credit will be given. That goes for when we start using calculators also. No work no credit! Your work must match your answer. You are responsible for you own pen and pencil, dont forget it. Come to class prepared. Highlight your names on all work turned in. Possible extra credit on occasion. NO LOCKER PASSES WILL BE ISSUED NO REST ROOM PASSES ISSUED UNTIL THE FIRST 20 MIN. OF CLASS !
  • 13. . If you are caught cheating or if you allow someone to cheat off your work: You will retake/redo whatever the work is and only receive a 50% maximum! You will be gived a MAJOR REFERRAL!
  • 14. . 1. Strike 2. Strike 3. Strike 4. After-School Detention 5. After-School Detention 6. Office Referral
  • 15. . NO GUM IS ALLOWED IN MY CLASSROOM! IF I CATCH YOU WITH IT, YOU WILL GET A STRIKE! If you a caught chewing again, your strikes will DOUBLE !
  • 16. Math Requirements South Carolina Math standards are set up by SD teachers. I need to make sure my students have been taught these standards before the PASS test is given in May. I need to make sure they understand how to do these types of problems and other problems associated with them. MATH is not an easy subject for every one. It takes a lot of time and effort. The student needs to take the time to understand the concepts and get the homework done to be successful in Math. Learn the basics now it will make higher level math classes a lot easier.
  • 17. My Office Hours Period 1: Planning Period 2: Math 7 Period 3: Math 7 Period 4: Math 7 Period 5: Lunch Duty Period 6: Pre-Algebra 7 Period 7: Planning Period 8: Flex
  • 18. Homework: Get your papers signed and brought back