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The Cone Of Eperience

Teaching with Dramatized Experiences

Dramatic ExperiencesCome next to contrived experiencesA reconstruct experiencesRequire us to be dramatic in our entranceSomething that is stirring or affecting or moving

Dramatized experiences can range from the:Formal playsPageantsTableauPantomimePuppetsRole playing

Formal PlaysDepict life, character or culturePortray vividly important ideas about lifeNeeds a length of time to prepareHave its mechanics like costumes and props

PageantsUsually community dramas Based on local historyPresented by local actors Example: A historical pageant that traces the growth of a school

Tableau and PantomimeA TABLEAU is a picture like scene composed of people against a background. Example: Used in Independence Day, Christmas and United Nation Day.A PANTOMIME is the art of conveying a story through bodily movements only. These two are purely visual experiences.

PuppetsPuppets come in different kinds. These are the most common:Shadow Puppets- flat back silhouette made from lightweight cardboard Rod Puppets- flat cut out figures tacked to a stickHand Puppets- the puppets head is operated by the forefinger of the puppeteer.

Glove and Finger Puppets- make use of old gloves to which small costumed figure are attached.Marionettes flexible , jointed puppets operated by strings or wires attached to a cross bar.

What principles must be observed in choosing a puppet play for teaching?Do not use puppets for plays that can be done just as well or better by other dramatic means.Do not omit music and dancing as part of the puppet show.Keep the plays short.Adapt the puppet show to the age, and tastes of the students.

Role PlayUnrehearsed dramatizationUnprepared dramatizationSpontaneous dramatizationLets pretend situation where assigned participants are absorbed by their own roles in the situation described by the teachers.

All dramatized is essentially a process of communication ,in which both participant and spectators are engaged. A creative interaction takes place, a sharing of ideas.

-Edgar Dale

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