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  1. 1. Still pictures, Recordings and Radio
  2. 2. This are visual and auditory devices which may be used by an individual or a group. Can often be understood by those who have difficulties in reading. Helpful to students who cannot deal with the motion or pace of a real event or television.
  3. 3. Examples: Time Life Magazine Listening to old radio broadcast Listening to period music
  4. 4. Still Pictures Several functions of still pictures in the teaching-learning process: Pictures can transform abstract ideas into more realistic forms. They can bring students closed to the very point of visual context with reality itself. It can change the size of an object too small or too large to be visually understood in its actual dimensions. It can save the teacher's time and energy. Pictures can assist the prevention and correction of misconceptions. Pictures are very important in helping students to retell experiences or understand something since they can represent people, place, etc.
  5. 5. Example: Picture Sequence
  6. 6. Recordings - Can be a very useful assistive tool when creating and adding to existing learning materials.
  7. 7. Audio recordings can be used to enhance text resources. Example: Providing comments or context to an academic paper. It can engage students' attention when studying on their own or when learning difficult subject matter.
  8. 8. How recordings can be used? Student Feedback Record Evidence Interviews Live Online Discussions Audio Source Materials Oral History Materials
  9. 9. Radio - The radio broadcast of an actual event may often be likened to a televised broadcast minus its visual dimension. -The use of radio for educational purposes began with the BBC's school broadcasting services in 1924.
  10. 10. Advantages of using Radio: Radios could operate on batteries. Radio maintenance was far simpler and more accesible Teachers did not have to learn how to operate new technology.
  11. 11. We learn English - A bilingual radio program for teaching Spoken English. Let's Read and Write English - A bilingual radio program accompanying reader-cum-activity book for students.