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  • 1. Evaluation Test FINAL PROJECT TEAM: Adriana Mercedes Garca Alczar Jazmin Paola Macas Hernndez 5th Semester ASSIGMENT TEST

2. Age: 25 to 58 years old Grade: beginners Type of test: Formative test Skills to evaluate: writing, speaking, listening and reading. English level: A1 According to the CEFR. (Common European Framework) Time: 80 min. Previous knowledge: The students have previous knowledge based on the unit 3, talk about likes and dislikes, express their preferences, to identify handicraft vocabulary and describing pictures, developed by the four skills that were worked out in the lessons in unit 3. Test objective: Measure the learners progress about writing, speaking, listening and reading, in order to give them appropriate feedback so they can improve their abilities. Tasks: 1. - multiple choice 2.-gap fill 3.-question completion. PROFILE 3. TEST UNIT 3 INSTRUCITIONS: For this test yow will have 80 min. to answer the questions. Read carefully the instructions included in each skill. NAME: _________________________________________________________ DATE: __________________ 4. Activity 1- Listening Going to the cinema Man: Hey, Kathy. I'm thinking about renting a movie for tonight's party, and I want to know what kind of movies you like. Woman: Okay. What kind of movies do you have in mind? Man: Well, what about action movies? Woman: Ah, I don't really like action movies. Too much violence. Man: Okay, do you like comedies? Woman: Now, I do enjoy comedies. Man: Fine. Well, what do you think of horror movies or love stories? Woman: Uh . . . I'm not really crazy about horror movies, but love stories are often fun to watch. Oh, and I really like foreign films, too. Man: Okay. I'll go to the video store and see what I can find. Thanks. LISTENING 5. I. Listen carefully to the audio and answer the questions about the likes and dislikes of the woman. 1. What does the woman think of action movies? A. like B. dislike 2. Does She likes Comedies? A. like B. dislike 3. What does the woman think of horror movies? A. like B. dislike 4. What does the woman think of love movies? 6. A. like B. dislike 5. Foreign: A. like B. dislike Activity 2 Vocabulary II. Write the correct word in the pictures, select them from the box. Scissors Needle point Fabric Embroidery Yarn Sewing machine Pin Crochet hook Thread Pin cushion Quilting Thimble Embroidery Knitting needles Loom VOCABULARY 7. Activity 3 Writing III. Look at the discount announcement. Describe the discount pictures in your own words. WRITING 8. IV. Write 4 descriptions of each picture: Example: Picture 1: The address of Ghulam Hassan is rainawari Jog Lanker. Picture 1: 1.________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2.________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 1. 2. 15% discount on manufactures Until March 2014 Address: Fresty Laurence Road Zip: 563499 City: Laredo Tx. Telephone: 813- 231 5397 9. 3.________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 4.________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Picture 2: 1.________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2.________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3.________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 4.________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ACTIVITY 4 READING V. Read the text about Handicraft. Then underline the letter T if the sentence is correct. Underline la letter F if the sentence is incorrect. READING 10. HANDICRAFTS Handicraft is a type of work where useful and decorative things are made completely by hand or by using only some simple tools. The handicraft products often have cultural and/or religious significance. Items made by mass production or machines are not handicraft goods. Handicraft is also sometimes called artisanry. And it is a traditional main sector of craft. Handicraft is the art of creating products using raw and indigenous materials. It develops the skills and creative interests of person towards a particular craft or trade. Handicraft is distinguished from the Art and Crafts category is some manner, such as handicraft items are intended to be used, worn, etc., having a purpose beyond simple decoration. Handicraft goods are generally considered more traditional work. 1. - The hands are used for to make handicrafts. T F 2. - There are some handicrafts created using machines T F 11. 3. - Handicrafts and artisan is the same. T F 4. - Art and craft are synonymous. T F ACTIVITY 5 SPEAKING VI. Candidates are tested in pairs but dont converse with each other, they interact with the Examiner/ Interlocutor. If you dont understand what the examiner has said or what the examiner wants you to do, thats fine. You can ASK THE EXAMINER: Sorry, could you repeat that please. Im sorry, I dont understand, could you explain that again please? EXAMINATER: Ok. Lets start with the activity. I will ask each of you some questions. So, ____ (candidate As NAME). SPEAKING 12. Imagine that you go to a handicraft store. When you enter to the store, start a conversation with the seller. What a seller might say? (3 min.) EXAMINATER: Now, lets go on with____ (candidate Bs NAME). (3 min.) What a customer might say: Now lets change the conversation: EXAMINATER: ____ (candidate Bs NAME). A client is looking for a present. Choose two pictures of handicrafts in the page below describe it and give information about it at the costumer. (5 minutes) EXAMINATER: ____ (candidate As NAME). Imagine that for you is the present. Choose two different handicrafts in the same page. Describing it, say that you prefer those, and why. (5 minutes) EXAMINATER: Thank you thats all. MATERIAL FOR SPEAKING PART 13. MATERIAL FOR SPEAKING PART 14. Rubrics FINAL PROJECT TEAM: Adriana Mercedes Garca Alczar Jazmin Paola Macas Hernndez Ingrid Selene Valenzuela Rosales Alma Vernica Mndez Valdez Gabriela Bautista Morales 5th Semester RUBRICS 15. 1 Needs work 2 Fair job 3 Good job 4 Terrific Score Gramar There are many grammatical errors, such as using the wrong pronouns, verbs and adjectives There are 3 or more grammatical mistakes on the descriptions, using incorrectly pronouns, verbs and adjectives. There are 1 or 2 grammatical mistakes using the pronouns, verbs and adjectives on the descriptions. The descriptions has no errors in pronouns, verbs and adjectives, and it show the correct manage. Spelling The spelling errors decrease the readability of the descriptions There are several spelling errors. There are 3 or more words spelled incorrectly. All words in the descriptions are spelled correctly. Coherence Use the pronouns, verbs and adjectives in incorrectly way, and the story lacks of sense. Only use two different pronouns and adjectives, and the descriptions lacks of coherence. Use the pronouns, verbs and adjectives well, but the description does not have a clear idea. Use the pronouns, verbs and adjectives in a good way. It has a well defined ideas to describe the pictures. RUBRIC FOR WRITING 16. 1 Needs work 2 Fair job 3 Good job 4 Terrific score Vocabulary The vocabulary learned in class to communicate his/her ideas is used very little. Some of the vocabulary learned in class to communicate his/her ideas is used. The vocabulary learned in class to communicate his/her ideas is used a great deal All the vocabulary learned in class to communicate his/her ideas is used. Accuracy Use of grammar. Meaning is often unclear. Many errors. Most vocabulary words/idiomatic expressions were used inadequately. Adequate use of grammar. Meaning is sometimes unclear. Some errors are still present. Some vocabulary words/idiomatic expressions were used inadequately Good use of grammar. Meaning is mostly clearly conveyed. A few errors are still present. Few vocabulary words/idiomatic expressions weren't used adequately. Excellent use of grammar. Meaning is very clear. Very few errors present. Ideas were expressed clearly. All vocabulary words and idiomatic expressions were used in the right context. Fluency Sentences had long pauses/interruptions and conversation was not fluent at all. Although pauses in sentences were frequent and the conversation was not very fluent. Fluency was a little better. A few sentences had small pauses or fluency issues. Conversation was still fluent. Conversation was fluent and easygoing RUBRIC FOR SPEAKING 17. Resources for Syllabus Unit Listening Reading Writing vocabulary 1 https://www.youtub -aSE-d5Ss http://www.english eagame/viewgame .asp?id=9518 https://www.youtub pKmC1y8WE https://www.youtub 5uHN__110 https://www.youtub 2ma_4sy_8 m/site_php_files/communicatio n-lesson-introducing- people.php#.U4Phv3J5O-E http://www.learning-english- gues/talking-on-the-phone/ ntent/topics/countriesandnatio nalities/countries-nationalities- reading-worksheet.html innercourse/bl_beginner_cours e_whatdo.htm favorite-city-mexico-city http://www.sulinet .hu/nyelvek/kepek/NetEn glish/A1_list1_ex2.htm http://www.sampl o-employee-contact- form.pdf http://www.teach- es/countries-and- nationalities.pdf