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  • 1. Jennifer Namey [email_address] April 22, 2010 EEX 4070 Key Training Center Car Wash

2. Getting Started

  • When I first read about this assignment, I immediately thought of the Key Training Center.The Key is well known throughout Citrus County for its work with individuals with Down Syndrome.They are always looking for volunteers to assist in making a difference.I was sure they would gladly accept my offer to hold a car wash to help them raise money.I couldnt wait to get started.

3. What is the Key Training Center all about? Job placement within the community. Teaching life skills such as cooking, grooming, etc. Opportunity for education. Work skills provided within the Key. 4. Site/Community Demographics Group homes for residents Meet Mary!Mary and I have been working together at the Crystal River McDonalds for over 12 years! Annual Run For The Money 5. About me

  • A junior at The University of Central Florida, I am a busy mother of two toddlers, as well as the Second Assistant Manager of the Crystal River McDonalds where I have worked for over 12 years.It hasnt been an easy road but the finish line is so close; theres no giving up now.Once I graduate next May, I hope to spend more time with those who have made sacrifices in order for me to achieve my dreams.

6. EngagementActivities

  • Once I had devised a plan of holding a car wash to raise money for donation to the Key Training Center, I had to contact Iris (a representative) and explain who I was and tell her my idea.She was very excited about my willingness to help (the Key is always looking for donations).We set a date:April 10, from 8-4 p.m.
  • Next I sat down with the store manager at Crystal River McDonalds and requested permission to hold a car wash on their property and use their water.She was very helpful as well.I also talked to the businesses on either side of McDonalds and requested permission to display signs in their windows advertising my free car wash with donation to the Key Training Center.
  • Finally, I had to recruit some willing participants.Continued

7. Participants

  • The members who participated in the car wash included myself, two school teachers from Pasco County, and about five of my employees from Crystal River McDonalds.Some people even brought their elementary aged children to help out.All in all, it was a fun day and nobody complained about sacrificing their Saturday in the hot sun.We raised some money for the Key Training Center.Their representative, Iris, stopped by at the end of the day with two of the Key Training Centers residents to accept our earnings.We all felt proud.

8. Reflection of my Experience

  • This experience has shown me that the smallest effort can mean a lot to those in need.Also, I didnt think that little ole me could put together a project like I did.Making phone calls and talking to strangers is totally out of the norm for me.However, I handled it all like a professional and I am appreciative for the experience.
  • I have had some exposure to different disabilities within my current workplace.Though Ive learned a few things about working with them (be patient, try to understand), I look forward to learning even more in the future before landing in my own classroom.