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Title Ideas Lost Woodlands Two Souls Beyond the Woods Teddy Bears’ Picnic

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Create a pitch for a new fiction film.

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  • 1. Title Ideas Lost Woodlands Two Souls Beyond the Woods Teddy Bears Picnic

2. Genre The genre of our film will be psychological thriller/horror. We have decided this as our film will have the capacity to frighten, scare and shock the viewers due to the scenes that will be filmed and the storyline. As well as frightening the viewers it will also create tension and excitement with the jumpy scenes and plot twist, which will mean that the film will feed into the thriller genre. 3. Mama is the film that inspired us to create this horror/thriller film as we liked the setting of the woods. We also liked the idea of including a prop, such as a doll or teddy bear. We agreed that these things would give the film a creepier feel. The plot of our film follows two young girls who get lost in the woods. They find another slightly older girl who tries to help them find their way home. However, they later discover the girl is actually a ghost who was murdered and wants people to have the same fate as her, luring them further into the woods and into danger. 4. Budget In order to estimate the price of the cost of the film, we have researched into film types that are similar. One in particular which is fairly similar to the film we are going to create is Mama. When researching the facts and figures for the production cost of this film we found it had a budget of $15 million. Another similar film is House at the End of the Street, which had a budget of $6.9 million. Our film will use unknown actors and an easily accessible setting, therefore will have a low budget of around $10 million, in the middle of the two films we researched. 5. Box Office Mama made $146,428,180 at the box office. House at the End of the Street made $42,781,908 at the box office. Judging from these estimates, we think our box office estimate will be in between these figures, of $80 - $90 million. 6. Release Date We would release our film on October 31st, the date of Halloween. This is because it is a psychological thriller/horror and would appeal to more people as they would like to see a scary film to fit the mood of Halloween. This would also help it make more money at the box office. 7. Target Audience The general target audience of horror/thriller films are aged between 15 and 25, normally teenagers/young adults. This is because they enjoy being scared, sometimes having tendencies to be more daring and brave. Halloween is also typically a school holiday in the UK and students, or those aged 15-25 have disposable income. It would also most likely appeal to males more, as they tend to be more thrill seekers. However I have discovered through research that recently more females are going to see horrors/thrillers. 8. Director We decided Jim Mickle would be a suitable director for our film. He is an upcoming American director, known for Stake Land (2010), Mulberry St (2006) and We Are What We Are (2013). Two of these films fall into our genres of thriller/horror; Mulberry St and We Are What We Are. 9. Cast We have chosen unknown child stars as our budget is low, therefore will pay them less. However, we have tried to find actors that have featured in horror/thriller films. Gracie Whitton is a child actor who has appeared in other horror/thriller films such as; Scary Movie 5 (2013), Trespass (2011), Blood Reunion (2012), and a new upcoming film which is called The Town That Dreaded Sunlight. Ava Kolker is a child actor who has also appeared in Scary Movie 5 (2013), along with a TV show American Horror Story which is similar to our genre. 10. Cast Madison Pettis is a teenage actress who is known for more family films, such as The Game Plan (2007). However, we agreed the overall look of her fits our image of our third main character, the ghost of the girl who tries to deceive the younger girls.