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Felix Mendelssohn

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Page 1: Felix Mendelssohn

Lucia Artigas 1#


Page 2: Felix Mendelssohn

Outline • 1) Where is Felix Mendelssohn

from? • 2) When were Felix

Mendelssohn was born? • 3) Where did Felix Mendelssohn

study ? • 4) What instrument did Felix

Mendelssohn play? • 5) What was Felix Mendelssohn

famous musical work?

Page 3: Felix Mendelssohn



3rd of February


His family migrated in to Berlin


Talented Teachers!

26 Feb


“Vacation" at Paris. Inspired by Mozart and Bach to compose own music.

17 Apr


Study at Berlin University. During this he created & performed some best and most difficult work.

12 Aug




Page 4: Felix Mendelssohn

Graduate from Berlins University.

25 May.

He marries Cécile Jeanrenaud March 28


Wedding March

Midsummer Night's Dream”


The Academy of Arts in Berlin offered a job, music director.

1 Dec

4 Nov Leipzig, Germany


,18371829 1842-4318451847

Page 5: Felix Mendelssohn

When were Felix Mendelsso

hn was born?

Birthplace: Hamburg, Germany-He was name Felix which means the

“happy one”.*German composer, was born in

Hamburg on the 3rd of February 1809.Felix Mendelssohn was born into a prominent Jewish family, although initially he was raised without religion and was later baptized as a Lutheran Christian.

*Mendelssohn was the second of four children; his older sister Fanny also displayed exceptional and precocious musical talent.

Page 6: Felix Mendelssohn

Where is Felix Mendelssohn

from? Nationality: Germany

German composer, pianist,organist and conductor of the early Romantic period. In consequence of the troubles caused by the French occupation of Hamburg, His family migrated in 1811 to Berlin were he grew up.

Page 7: Felix Mendelssohn

Where did Felix

Mendelssohn study ?

Their first instruction in music from their mother when he was six, piano lessons, under whose care they progressed so rapidly that their exceptional talent soon became apparent.

Their next teacher was Madame Bigot, who, during the temporary residence of the family in Paris in 1816, gave them valuable instruction.

On their return to Berlin they took lessons in thoroughbass and composition from Carl Friedrich Zelter.

In pianoforte-playing from Ludwig Berger, In violin-playing from Henning -- the care of their general education being

entrusted to the father of the novelist Paul von Heyse.

Look to Mozart and Bach to study

Page 8: Felix Mendelssohn

What instrument did Felix Mendelssohn play?

• Mainly piano but also played organ , violin, viola and cello. Was fully conversant with all orchestral instruments though as he composed many pieces for full orchestras. When performing. however, the pianoforte was his chosen


Fanny y Felix Mendelssohn

Page 9: Felix Mendelssohn

Famous musical work? • Popular Sheet Music: Wedding March

Midsummer Nights Dream

• He composed many notable pieces during his time in this world. If you have ever been to a wedding, you have most likely heard his ever-popular Wedding March during the recessional. He loved to compose beautiful music. Another famous piece is his A Midsummer Night's Dream. Two of his symphonies have grown to into very worthy pieces. These were called his Italian and Scotch symphonies. His greatest solo piece, without any doubt, is his Violin Concerto in e minor. 

Page 10: Felix Mendelssohn


• Mendelssohn was a fine and enthusiastic artist in pencil and watercolour, a skill which he used throughout his life for his own amusement and that of his friends. His enormous correspondence shows that he could also be a witty writer in German and English – sometimes accompanied by humorous sketches and cartoons in the

text. View of Lucerne – watercolour by

Mendelssohn, 1847

Page 11: Felix Mendelssohn

Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Father: Abraham Mendelssohn (die 1835)

Wife: Cécile Jeanrenaud; they became engaged and were married on March 28, 1837

Mother: Lea Salomon Mendelssohn (die 1842)

Sister: Fanny (die 1847)

Page 12: Felix Mendelssohn

Died: November 4, 1847  Leipzig,

Germany  [37 years ] by a StrokeBuried,

Dreifaltigkeitsfriedhof, Berlin,


Page 13: Felix Mendelssohn


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