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Felix Mendelssohn

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  • 1. Lucia Artigas 1#9-214.11

2. Outline 1) Where is Felix Mendelssohn from? 2) When were Felix Mendelssohn was born? 3) Where did Felix Mendelssohn study ? 4) What instrument did Felix Mendelssohn play? 5) What was Felix Mendelssohn famous musical work? 3. Timeline1801811 1817 1820 18269Born His familyTalentedVacation" at Study at3rd of migrated in Teachers! Paris.BerlinFebruary to Berlin 26 FebInspired by University. Mozart andDuring this Bach to he created compose own & music.performed17 Apr some best and most difficult work.ClickClick Click Click 12 Aug 4. 1829 18371842-43 , 1845 1847GraduateHe marries Wedding The4 NovfromCcile March AcademyLeipzig,Berlins Jeanrenaud Midsummer of Arts in GermanyUniversity. March 28 Nights Berlin25 May.Dreamoffered a job, music director. 1 DecClickClickClick 5. When were FelixMendelssohn was born?Birthplace:Hamburg,Germany-HewasnameFelixwhichmeansthe happyone.*Germancomposer,wasbornin Hamburgonthe3rdofFebruary 1809.FelixMendelssohnwasborn intoaprominentJewishfamily, althoughinitiallyhewasraised withoutreligionandwaslater baptizedasaLutheranChristian.*Mendelssohnwasthesecondoffour children;hisoldersisterFannyalso displayedexceptionalandprecocious musicaltalent. 6. Where is Felix Mendelssohnfrom?Nationality:GermanyGermancomposer,pianist,organistandconductoroftheearlyRomanticperiod.InconsequenceofthetroublescausedbytheFrenchoccupationofHamburg,Hisfamilymigratedin1811toBerlinwerehegrewup. 7. Where did FelixMendelssohn study ? Theirfirstinstructioninmusicfromtheirmotherwhenhewassix, pianolessons,underwhosecaretheyprogressedsorapidlythattheirexceptionaltalentsoonbecameapparent. TheirnextteacherwasMadameBigot,who,duringthetemporaryresidenceofthefamilyinParisin1816,gavethemvaluableinstruction. OntheirreturntoBerlintheytooklessonsinthoroughbassandcompositionfromCarlFriedrichZelter. Inpianoforte-playingfromLudwigBerger, Inviolin-playingfromHenning--thecareoftheirgeneraleducationbeingentrustedtothefatherofthenovelistPaulvonHeyse. LooktoMozartandBachtostudy 8. What instrument did FelixMendelssohn play? Mainlypianobutalsoplayedorgan,violin,violaandcello.Wasfullyconversantwithallorchestralinstrumentsthoughashecomposedmanypiecesforfullorchestras.Whenperforming.however,thepianofortewashischosen instrument.Fanny y Felix Mendelssohn 9. Famous musical work? Popular Sheet Music:Wedding MarchMidsummer Nights Dream He composed many notable pieces during his time in this world. If youhave ever been to a wedding, you have most likely heard his ever-popular Wedding March during the recessional. He loved to composebeautiful music. Another famous piece is his A Midsummer NightsDream. Two of his symphonies have grown to into very worthy pieces.These were called his Italian and Scotch symphonies. His greatest solopiece, without any doubt, is his Violin Concerto in e minor. 10. Mendelssohn was a fine and enthusiastic artist in penciland watercolour, a skill which he used throughout his life for his ownamusement and that of his friends. His enormous correspondenceshows that he could also be a witty writer in German and English sometimes accompanied by humorous sketches and cartoons in thetext.View of Lucerne watercolour by Mendelssohn, 1847Mendelssohn 11. Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-BartholdyFather: Abraham Mendelssohn (die 1835)Wife: Ccile Jeanrenaud; they became engaged and were married onMarch 28, 1837Mother: Lea Salomon Mendelssohn (die 1842)Sister: Fanny (die 1847) 12. Died: November 4,1847 Leipzig, Germany [37 years ] by aStrokeBuried,Dreifaltigkeitsfriedhof, Berlin, Germany 13. bibliography-NNDB. "Felix Mendelssohn." Felix Mendelssohn. Tracking theEntire World, n.d. Web. 19 Nov. 2012..- The Music Chamber." ThinkQuest. Oracle Foundation, n.d. Web. 19Nov. 2012..

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