False cognates ingles iv-fabio gatti-2011-2

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Some of the false cognites between english and spanish

Text of False cognates ingles iv-fabio gatti-2011-2

  • 1. False Cognates
    Between English and Spanish
  • 2. Arena
    Means: Estadio
    Not: Sand
  • 3. Casualty
    Means: Herido
    Not: Coincidence
  • 4. Cap
    Means: Gorra
    Not: Layer
  • 5. Commodity
    Not: Comfort
    Means: Materia Prima, mercancia
  • 6. Conductor
    Not: Driver
    Means: Conductor de orquesta
  • 7. Fabric
    Not: Factory
    Means: Tela
  • 8. Mayor
    Not: Bigger,Older
    Means: Alcalde
  • 9. Pie
    Means: Pastel
    (Tpico de Norteamrica)
    Not: Foot
  • 10. Spade
    Means: Pala
    (En pker: Picas)
    Not: Sword
  • 11. Terrific
    Not: Terrifying
    Means: Fenomenal, genial