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Factual writing

Factual writing

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Factual writing

Factual writing


The title to the leaflet has been placed in a large and bold font. The colour used is a calm blue. This certain colour has been used as the leaflet is promoting the NHS and blue is a calming colour.A selection of two important tips have been provided underneath the title. These have been colored in black to stand out form the pale blue colour of background. A section at the bottom of the leaflet has been bordered off and the text within has been changed white to stand out from the colour of the background that is dark blue. The reason for this is because the text provided is for a the are / number of the NHS and is important (as to why it has been made to stand out)The font of the text has been kept the same throughout the entire leaflet, this has been done to keep it simple and easy to read. The colour of the text has been separated into three main colours (Blue, Black and white). Each of these colours stand out very well against the chosen colour of background.A large image has been placed within the leaflet. This image is used to show to the main the subject the leaflets information will provide.

Instruction manualsBold black font used as the title to stand out from the other text.

Large display of what the final product should look like after completion. The The instructions are separated into 4 different sections. Tis allows to see the 4 main stages of building the product. The font used for the instructions is also the same for the title.The individual pieces used to create the product have been labeled and directed to the section of the product it should be placed within.The logo is created in a bold black design allowing for it to correspond with the title. The logo has been added to signify what the manual is.

How to guide

Each step within the how to guide has been separated into six different main steps, each step is divided by square black boxs. this is done to show that the information provided within each box is a follow on from the previous box.The title has been placed into a dark blue colour to stand out from the rest of the text. The title is the only text in a colour other then black. The font used throughout the guide has been kept the same but the tittle has purposely been edited as italic.The images used in the guide present a clear and simple presentation of what each step should look like. Underneath each image there is a small amount of text that signifies what the image is portraying. A small amount of red is added to the images to signify an important part. For example the arrows used to show the movement made are coloured red to stand as they are important steps.

Factual journalism

A large and bold title has been placed to draw the viewers attention. The colour used for the title is black and this is done to stand out form the white background.

The image provided corresponds with the title in showing people on the moon. The image takes up a large portion of the page to show what the subject of the page is about. The image is provided with a sub heading underneath that provides a smaller incite on the subject.The papers logo/header is placed at the top of the paper to distinguish it form competing papers. The logo has been designed to stand out from everything else on the paper. The date of the paper has also been shown at the top of the paper in a bold black font.The rest of the paper is made up of correlated text that inks to the title and given image.