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Factual Programming Dan Moorhouse

Factual programming

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Factual Programming Dan Moorhouse

News reporters- would normally be sat behind a desk or maybe on a sofa. They would most likely be facing head on to the camera. While sat at the desk you would see them possibly shuffling paper on the table. Normally when the broadcast starts, they will play dramatic music to build up the biggest story of the day. Codes and conventions

They would have a newsroom where you will see other people on computers, possibly researching and trying to get hold of contacts they want for the news broadcast. The anchor and the reporters may use aggression when trying to get answers from someone to make sure we are getting the best response to the story. Codes and conventions

They will normally have interviews or talking to expert guests in the studio or offset to give more information on the story they are telling.They have cuts to other reports who are in a different location to the studio. Codes and conventions

They may use voice overs, also known as The voice of God to explain while also showing a visual for the viewersThey would normally have big screens in the studio ( maybe green screens) which will display images or writing, possibly facts and figures to give a visual aspect for the viewers. Codes and conventions

From The Newsroom episode, you could see many of the codes and conventions from the previous slides. The had the specialist talking and giving information about the oil spill. They had a newsroom where people were trying to get hold of the people they wanted and also get the correct information and not fiction. The Newsroom

The Newsroom episode contained some voice overs through-out which is more and more common during broadcasts now. The character, Will McAvoy also used aggression in his role as anchor when trying to get information and facts. The Newsroom

Investigative- Will introduce a problem or a question which is then solved later on during the documentaries. Interactive- Where the filmmaker will interact with the documentary whether that be talking to the public or trying out a product the documentary is showing. Documentaries

Expository- Uses voice of God narration, which speaks directly to the audience. They are designed to be controversial and make us believe what they are saying to be true. Observational- document something which is happening, catching the moment as it happens. They use mainly raw footage with as little editing as possible. Also known as Fly On The Wall. Documentaries

Docudrama- They will have the use of actors to recreate reality and tell a story of something with happened. Mockumentary- A Fiction Film that uses the Documentary Format to make what is happening on screen to be real life situations. They like to add tension and give it a horror type narrative.Documentaries