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Eastern Kentucky University Trivia

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Page 1: Fact Or Fiction

Fact or Fiction

Test Your EKU Knowledge

Page 2: Fact Or Fiction

The Daniel Boone Statue

True or False?

The Daniel Boone statue was modeled after Fess Parker, the actor who played Boone in the 1960s TV series.

Page 3: Fact Or Fiction

FalseThe statue was originally

created in plaster by Louisville sculptress, Enid Yandell, for exhibit at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

The original bronze casting is in Cherokee Park in Louisville.

Eastern’s statue was cast from the original in 1967.

Page 4: Fact Or Fiction

Names of EasternEastern Kentucky University was not

always our name. Which of the following was NOT one of our many names?

• Eastern Kentucky State Normal School• Eastern Kentucky State University• Eastern Kentucky State College• Eastern Kentucky State Teachers


Page 5: Fact Or Fiction

Eastern Kentucky State University Eastern Kentucky State Normal School

(1906-1922) Eastern Kentucky State Normal School

and Teachers College (1922-1930) Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College

(1930-1948) Eastern Kentucky State College (1948-

1966) Eastern Kentucky University (1966-


Page 6: Fact Or Fiction


Besides the eleven official presidents, Eastern has had three interims. Which of these three were interims?

Herman Cooper Dorland Coates Mary Roark Eugene Hughes

Page 7: Fact Or Fiction

Dorland Coates was not Interim

Homer Cooper1928

Mary Roark1909-10

The following were interim presidents:


Page 8: Fact Or Fiction


• Eastern’s athletic teams became known as the Colonels in the early 1960s.

• What were they known as before that time?

Page 9: Fact Or Fiction

The Maroons

• The Colonel first appeared at a home football game in October 1964.

• Roger Smith portrayed the first Colonel.• In the 1920s the students voted to use

the leopard as a mascot, but the idea was never pursued. The original plan was to buy a leopard from a zoo.

Page 10: Fact Or Fiction

Unofficial Mascot at Eastern

Eastern had an unofficial mascot named after a famous composer. At his death he was buried behind the Van Puersem Pavilion in the Ravine. Which composer?•Beethoven




Page 11: Fact Or Fiction

Mozart Mozart was a common

sight on campus from the late 1940s until his death in 1964.

He especially loved music classes, and rarely missed a rehearsal.

If a professor talked past the end of the lecture period, Mozart would leave the room.

Page 12: Fact Or Fiction

Ghost Stories

Which buildings on campus have ghost stories associated with them? Bonus points on this one for knowing the ghost story.

Roark Building Sullivan Hall Keen Johnson Building Keene Hall

Page 13: Fact Or Fiction

Blue Lady in Keen Johnson People have reportedly seen a bluish

mist form around the belltower lights, and when it fades, there is a figure of a woman in a long ballgown on the rails, walking and singing.

Several stories are associated with the Blue Lady, the most common being that the female lead of a play hung herself before opening night.

Page 14: Fact Or Fiction

Sullivan Hall Is said to be haunted by the spirit of

a nursing student who committed suicide there in the 1970s.

To the best of my knowledge this has never been verified.

Page 15: Fact Or Fiction

Keene Hall An apparition supposedly haunts

the 16th floor. Again a student committed suicide

over a fight with his girlfriend. Residents wake up in the night with

the feeling of being watched, see a man in the room, then nothing.

Page 16: Fact Or Fiction

Other Haunted Buildings


McGregor Hall The Alumni House Moore Building

A ghostly Mozart has also been reported

Page 17: Fact Or Fiction

Eastern Celebrities

Eastern students have gone on to become celebrities in many arenas. Which one of these famous personalities did not attend Eastern?

Page 18: Fact Or Fiction

Naomi Judd

Born in Ashland, KY

Singer Author Actress Activist Talk Show Hostess

Photo from http://www.naomijudd.com/

Page 19: Fact Or Fiction

Lee Majors

Best known for his role as Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man.

Also appeared in The Big Valley, The Fall Guy and many others.

Film clip from video.google.com

Page 20: Fact Or Fiction

Thaksin Shinawatra Prime Minister of

Thailand (2001-2006)

Currently in exile in England

Owner of the Manchester City professional soccer clubPhoto from www.thaiembdc.org

Page 21: Fact Or Fiction

Sam Dick

Born in Lexington, KY

Son of newsman and author David Dick

News reporter for WCBS in New York City

Anchor of the WKYT evening news

Photo from www.wkyt.com

Page 22: Fact Or Fiction

Gary StearnsPerforms as a stunt

double in TV shows and movies such as:

The Matrix Pirates of the

Caribbean Kill Bill Spider Man Walker, Texas Ranger Star Trek: Voyager Buffy the Vampire


The entire film clip can be seen at www.youtube.com

Page 23: Fact Or Fiction

Steve Pence Lieutenant

Governor of Kentucky under Ernie Fletcher

Assistant Attorney General of Kentucky

JAG Corps Currently the United

States Attorney for Western Kentucky

Photo from www.e-archives.ky.gov

Page 24: Fact Or Fiction

Sam Dick Attended the University of Georgia,

not Eastern

Page 25: Fact Or Fiction

Felix DeWelden

DeWelden was the sculptor for the famous Iwo Jima statue in Washington DC

Photo from www.wcities.com

Page 26: Fact Or Fiction

Which of These Didn’t He Create?

EKU Centennial Statue Kentucky Mounted Officer

Ulysses S. Grant in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Page 27: Fact Or Fiction

Grant in Lincoln Park

This sculpture was created in 1891 by Louis Rebisso.

Page 28: Fact Or Fiction

The End

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