Experiential learning assessment using v logs & digital storytelling

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Experiential Learning Assessment. We outline and practice with a new method using video logs and digital storytelling in higher education.


  • 1. Accelerating the CredentialImpact of Experiential LearningAAEEBLConference, July2014Boston, MAChristine C. GeithAssistant Provost & Executive Director&Bill HeinrichResearch SpecialistMSU Global

2. Overview Framework Assessment project Accelerating Credential 3. Experiential Learning 4. High Impact Practices First-Year Seminars and Experiences, Common Intellectual Experiences, Learning Communities, Writing-Intensive Courses, Collaborative Assignments and Projects, Undergraduate Research, Diversity/Global Learning Service Learning and Community-Based Learning Internships, and Capstone Courses and ProjectsKuh, G. D. & Schneider, C. G. (2008). High-impact educational practices: What theyare, who has access to them, and why they matter. AAC&U. Washington D.C. 5. Finding embedded outcomes 6. Definition Intended Learning Outcomes Intentionally taught, facilitated, & assessed Embedded/Implicit Learning Outcomes Learning outcomes, likely present, but unassessedat the time of the learning experience. 7. LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes (AAC&U)Intellectual and Practical Skills, Including Inquiry and analysis Critical and creative thinking Written and oral communication Quantitative literacy Information literacy Teamwork and problem solving Practiced extensively, across the curriculum, in the context of progressively more challengingproblems, projects, and standards for performancePersonal and Social Responsibility, Including Civic knowledge and engagementlocal and global Intercultural knowledge and competence Ethical reasoning and action Foundations and skills for lifelong learning Anchored through active involvement with diverse communities and real-world challengesIntegrative and Applied Learning, Including Synthesis and advanced accomplishment across general and specialized studies 8. Assessment Challenge Assessing for Embedded Outcomes Identify the intended outcomes Map the curricular links to intended outcomes Assess for the extra outcomes Video reflections & storytelling See the students relationship to the learningcontext Showcase the individual students voice See affective, emotional, & integrative outcomes 9. Watch this Video & take notes What learning outcomes are beingdemonstrated? 10. Video of Student Reflections What rubrics matter? Why? 11. Accelerating Credentials How do we leverage this additional learning?Go. 12. Policy and Practice Implications Badges Credential Certificates Credit Prior Learning Fast Track rewards (i.e. GVSU pays students$1k to if theyre on track for a 4 year degree) 13. A Working Method for AssessingEmbedded Learning Outcomes 3 reflections Feedback to students aboutreflections/outcomes Storytelling with an audience Open-Ended Learning Assessment of above Mapped back to important standards or rubrics 14. Next Steps Questions Discussion Contact us!Christine C. Geith geith@msu.eduAssistant Provost & Executive DirectorBill Heinrich heinri19@msu.eduResearch Specialistmsuglobal.com www.msu.edu/global


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