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SSDN Technologies is best training institute of Microsoft Exchange Server in Gurgaon, Delhi. Which provide corporate and certification training in India.

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  • 1. Training By SSDN Technologies
  • 2. Its a Small, Small World Everyday our world is growing smaller and bigger at the same time. With the advancement in technology, you are able to access anything from anywhere. In short, this concept is called Exchange Server. For example, most of you would not want to carry your laptop while you are on a vacation but then, you might have to check on some important mail which you would have downloaded into your computer back home using outlook. You can access these mails from any web browser anywhere in the world using exchange server which is compatible with outlook. Microsoft exchange server is e-mail client and the scope for using the exchange server is huge. This means in order to set up and maintain an exchange server, you would need people who have the technical knowledge and the skills to operate and maintain these servers.
  • 3. Training in Exchange Server The Exchange Server Training institute in India offers training in this field. But, if you want to be on top and get a job with the top companies, you need to ensure that you do your training from the top institute. There are several institutes Delhi NCR and Gurgaon but the best Exchange Server Training in India is available only at SSDN Technologies. Those who take their training with here are assured 100% of passing the certification exam. The institute has weekend classes and also possesses 24/7 lab facilities for better training. or Call :-+91-9999509970/0124-4018080
  • 4. Types of Training Available There are various types of training available for you to choose from. a.Online training They provide online training for certification course. These courses are beneficial as per your requirement. b.Boot Camp training These boot camps are designed to enable professionals from different types of backgrounds not just to learn new skills but also to demonstrate their proficiency. A minimum of six students is required at your location to organize a boot camp. c.Class Room Training They conduct various batches at various times at their centers. You can choose one according to your convenience. d.Corporate training They also have corporate training which is demanding according to the need of the organization
  • 5. Why Choose SSDN Technologies They have a team of highly skilled and talented trainers who have relevant experience in the latest and advanced technology. They are the leaders in providing training in the Exchange Server and have in depth knowledge of what the industry requires. This provides the students with the required edge. They are ready to start working from day one because of the thorough training. To be successful in the corporate world, you need to be well trained with the comprehensive knowledge of the subject. They help you achieve this with the best trainers in India who believe that perfection is the key to success. To request free demo session please mail us at [email protected] or call us at +91-9999509970/0124-4018080
  • 6. Best Exchange Server facilities for Advanced Email Communication SSDN Technologies offers good exchange server facilities for all to enjoy hassle free email communication from anywhere and at anytime. This corporate server facility caters to clients in Delhi NCR and exchange server in Gurgaon as well as across India. About exchange server. The server is used for better email communication from anywhere with the help of Outlook Web access. Even if you do not have your laptop nearby, you can easily check mails through Outlook as well as reply to them. The outlook server is much beneficial for business people who are constantly on the go and have to remain connected 24 hours a day. With a good web browser, one can even check the attachment files in the mail at ease. SSDN Technologies brings for its clients the best exchange server in Delhi at easy prices.
  • 7. Benefits:- The exchange server technology is one of the best facilities in the Corporate for email communication. Some of the benefits to get trained in exchange server in Gurgaon include: One can have access to the entire mailbox rather than only new mails. Creating backups on a new hard drive through connection to exchange server is easier in case of a failure. The server can be easily synchronized with any mobile device be it iPhone, a Blackberry or any other device. It stores all data in a single place and good archiving ability. It discards any email threats and malfunctions before they get access to the network. It accumulates all email contacts in a single place for better communication.
  • 8. Gain The Right Skills and Meet Demands Delhi Ncr is a major hub of commercial activities and because of the fast moving technology and changing environmental needs and demands, its slowly emerging as one of the global ventures for lot of corporate activities. With increasing business activities, it is important that the corporate officials excel in any and all areas of expertise. This is the reason why major institutes are coming up with lot of training services for the corporate employees who attend these trainings and seminars to brush up their skills and knowledge on specific areas of expertise. Exchange server corporate training is one such training that is provided to companies wherein experts deliver seminars and trainings on exchange servers to simplify the administration of the organizations using the server. To request free demo session please visit us at or call us at +91-9999509970
  • 9. What is Exchange Server? The Microsoft exchange server is a mail server, contact manager and calendaring software. It acts as a platform that provides a backup for all your Outlook synced mails, contacts, and other information. So, if someday, youre traveling and you just forget your laptop at home, do not worry about the mails that you might receive. This server will enable you to access the outlook account and get an access to your mail account through your phone. It is thus a centralized hub that stores all the emails of your account online.
  • 10. Get Trained For Using This Server This exchange server is most useful to the business organizations. Thus, it is important for all organizations to have an expertise in this field. Today, as the demand in India is increasing for this server, there are a lot of institutes that provide corporate training to use exchange server in the right way. If your company is located in Gurgaon, then SSDN Technologies is one the best institutes that provide this corporate training. It provides training which varies from organization to organization based on the staff and training requirements. Once the staff of an organization is trained, they also receive an Exchange Server Certification which authenticates the staff to be genuinely trained on the Microsoft exchange server. So, what are you waiting for? Select SSDN Technologies that offers such training, enroll in, and get your staff trained to use the most efficient server technology available.
  • 11. Thank You !! SSDN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Office:- M-44, OLD DLF Colony Sec-14, Gurgaon-122001 Phone No.:-0124-4018080/+91-9999509970 / [email protected]

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