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Essay writing tips - we collected the best tips for you to write your essay.

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  • 1. ESSAY WRITING TIPSHow to write a great essay

2. Think of the Topic as a Whole Think of the essay as a whole. Break it into smaller, more manageable area. 3. Think of the Topic as a Whole Make sure to have a certain way of how you view thetopic. Think about what the topic includes and what are itsstrong points and week points. Thinks of what areas of the topic can you relate to. 4. Jot Some Notes Down Jot some notes down about what just ran through yourmind regarding the topic. Dont worry about spelling, grammar or formatting thenotes are just for you and are meant to help you byshowing your thoughts on paper. Read the notes and determine what is best for the essay. 5. Dont Try to Write the Essay All AtOnce The essay writing process needs to be a step-by-stepprocess do not write the entire essay all at once. If you have trouble writing, just finish what you can andtake a break. Dont work yourself too hard and simply let the thoughtscome to you. 6. Start Writing the Essay as Early asPossible Do not wait until the last minute your writing could suffer and the essay might take longer time to complete. 7. Start Writing the Essay as Early asPossible Start the essay writing process early. You dont have to start actually writing the essay itself, but simply start thinking about what you are going to write. 8. Have One or More People ProofreadYour Essay Have at least one person to read your essay. Remain open to anothers opinion about the topic. Ask at least one person if reading your essay made senseto them. If there is an area that people are saying does not makesense to them, consider changing the part partially orentirely. 9. !GOOD LUCK