UNIT 6: INDIAN SUBCONTINENT ESO4. Teacher: Humberto Burcet •Gr. Conditiona •Voc. Global Is

Eso4 unit6 india

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UNIT 6: INDIAN SUBCONTINENTESO4. Teacher: Humberto Burcet

•Gr. Conditional

•Voc. Global Issues

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Taj Majal, India

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Pakistan Monument

Minare Pakistan, Lahore

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Ganges Delta, the biggest in the world. Bangladesh

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British Indian Empire (1909)

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Indian Partition (1947)• It was the partition of 

British India on the basis of religious demographics.

• The partition of India was set forth in the Indian Independence Act 1947 and resulted in the dissolution of the Indian Empire and the end of the British Raj. It resulted in a struggle between the new states of India and Pakistan and displaced up to 12.5 million people in the former British Indian Empire.

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The Indian SubcontinentGandhi is a very important person in Indian History. He's known for his non-violence resistance campaigns, which played a huge role in India gaining its independence from


Match each piece of news with its

country. They deal with global issues. We will solve them if we act together. What can we do?

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Global warming

The arms trade


Child labour



Endangered animals

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The Indian Subcontinent

INDIA'S URBAN SLUMS: Rising Social Inequalities, Mass Poverty and Homelessness

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The War in Afghanistan (2001-present), a new phase

of the War in Afghanistan (1978–present), began on October 7, 2001, as the armed forces of the Northern Alliance (the US, the UK, Australia, and the

Afghan United Front) launched

Operation Enduring Freedom. The primary driver of the

invasion was the September 11 attacks on the United

States, with the stated goal of dismantling the al-

Qaeda terrorist organization and ending its use of

Afghanistan as a base.

The Indian Subcontinent

Arms trade in Sri Lanka 

The report analyses the role of global arms trade in civil wars, focusing specifically on Sri Lanka.

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The Indian SubcontinentHunger and Starvation Deaths In IndiaThe Bengal famine of 1943 (Bengali: পঞ্চা�শে�র মন্বন্তর) struck the Bengal province of pre-partition India. Estimates are that between 7 and 10 million people died of starvation, malnutrition and disease, out of Bengal’s 60.3 million population, half of them dying from disease after food became available in December 1943.

There is a need for eliminating child labor in Pakistan.

Child labor and child trafficking have shown to negatively affect human capital. Many claim that when children do not go to school, they are denied the knowledge and skills needed for national development.

Freedom of speech vs. Censorship in the People’s Republic of China encompasses a wide range of subject matter. The agendas behind such censorship are varied; some are stated outright by the Chinese government itself and some are surmised by observers inside and out of the country.

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The Indian Subcontinent

Drought threat for Bangladesh as monsoon fails.

A delay to Bangladesh's monsoon season is posing a severe risk of drought in the impoverished nation and threatening food supplies.

After spending a month in Nepal as a tourist, I have seen there is an influx of pollution, a large population and no infrastructure to support massive tourism.

The endangered Wild Water Buffalo occurs in Southern Bhutan.

Maldives: In a Troubled Paradise, Time Runs Out on Environmental Deadline

Just barely above sea level, the islands risk going under rather sooner than later, as ocean water levels rise from the effects of global warming. .

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1st Conditional

• IF + Present Simple,

• People won’t react If we don’t raise awareness.

• People won’t react unless we don’t raise awareness.

It’s possible

• Will + infinitive

• If we give out leaflets, people will read them.

• If we don’t raise awareness, people won’t react.

• IF + Present Simple• Will + infinitive

• People will read leaflets If we give them out,

• People won’t react If we don’t raise awareness.

Unless A no ser que


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2nd Conditional

• IF + Past Simple ,

Impossible/Unlikely event

• Would + infinitive

• If I had a million dollars, I would help poor people.

• He wouldn’t have any money if he didn’t work.

What would you do if you won €1,000,000?

• Would + infinitive • IF + Past Simple

If I won €1,000,000, …

I would… …help my family, buy a car, travel around the world and get a big house.


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What would you do if you won €1,000,000?

If I won €1,000,000, …

I would… …help my family,

buy a car, travel around the world,

get a big house.

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To sum up…Let’s play WHO WANTS TO

BE A MILLIONAIRE. If I was a millionaire, I would…





Global warming

The arms trade


Child labour



Endangered animals

I wouldn’t carry on if I were you…